Ryan Responds

Early this morning we had some comments left on some older posts by Ryan.  While it’s not clear that Ryan is a PKG member, he clearly is drinking Ron’s Flavor Aid.  In order to consolidate the discussion, and since people tend to ignore older posts concentrating on the more recent ones, I am quoting a couple of his posts here.

One of his comments on a posting from last year reads:

Now we see how it is that people do twist and distort what is said.  Mr. Weinland did not call God a liar as was stated that he did, and neither did God lie to him or anybody else.  This is not how he explained the second time-line.

Ryan, that point is discussed in some detail on my last post and in its comments.  It’s quite clear that either God lied or Ron lied.  All of Ron’s BS explanations justifying his change to the second timeline don’t change that there was some lying going on.

In apparent response to this comment by Whisper, on a post in which we were discussing Ron’s ruptured appendix:

The longer Ron is “out of action” the more time his sheeples will have to assess the situation and possibly, oh my goodness, allow some doubts to rise to the top and be thought upon. How can the most POWERFUL man ever birthed with the full power of GOD behind him and whom is immune to DEATH and who’s enemies and detractors shall be PUNISHED in the exact same way the attempt to harm the Witness, who is Gods Final Witness and one (spokesman mind you of both as the other is a woman and can’t speak) of the 2 Witness’s of REVELATION, who is a APOSTLE and the end time ELIJAH, how can he suffer from such a malady as a pandects that would indeed be life threatening if not for medical treatment by others? How can such a powerful man who’s prophesied stock and trade is miracles (although destructive) of God be afflicted by such mundane maladies? Doesn’t these maladies make Ron look, oh… HUMAN? MORTAL? You know, one of the rank and file, another man, no better or worse than the whole?

Ryan responded:

Whisper, that is the point, Mr. Weinland is indeed human, and his books never said that he would be immune to sickness, but he just won’t die is all.  This is like the things I’ve heard about him not utilizing his prized Witness powers to shut up the heavens to make it not snow or rain so that he will be able to travel to wherever he goes.  But convenience is not the reason for those powers, whether it would be him or anybody else, helping out themselves would not be the reason for Witness powers, but do you really think so though ?

Apparently Ryan was also responding to my post about Ronnie’s itinerary change due to last year’s snowpocalypse or possibly the follow-up post which also mentioned the End-Time-Elijah’s susceptibility to poison ivy and perfumes.  Setting aside whether or not God’s Most Formidable Prophet should be vulnerable to maladies and whether or not he prophesied during the days of his recovery from appendicitis, let’s address the appropriate use of Witness Powers.  Ryan, if it’s trivial to use Witness Powers to enable the End-Time Prophet to keep to his itinerary and preach the word of God, then why is it not a trivial use of Witness Powers to put a death curse on mockers who don’t impede his prophesying in the slightest?  And speaking of Ronnie’s death curse (which BTW was the only exercise of his Witness Powers), whether it was trivial or not, why am I (his most persistent mocker) still mocking away over two years after he called for my speedy death?  Why did Ronnie find it necessary to spiritualize my death?  Which BTW is total BS — I find that my blogging activity has been a positive personal development exercise for me.  The people who are really suffering as a result of Ron’s activities are the family members of his followers.

And why would the use of Witness Powers to prove himself as God’s End-Time Prophet be a trivial use?  Seems to me that turning a few fountains into blood would be an effective way to make people take him seriously and consider his warnings so that God could show his mercy on them.  Speaking of proving himself to be a prophet of God and death curses, why are all 5 of the specific individuals who were to die early on as proof of Weinland as a prophet of God still alive?  Reminder, this was a test Ron defined for himself on page 108 of his latest book.  It was just over 4 years ago that he wrote these individuals letters calling on them to repent or else.  They didn’t repent and there was no “or else” either.

So, I’ve had my response.  You can respond as well.  And so can everyone else.  And like Ryan, let’s disagree agreeably.  We’ve had a couple of PKG members on this blog, Fred Roberts and Zach(helpingusoon), who were very obnoxious.  But Ryan has been respectful and so should you.  Well, we’ll give Kirrily some latitude to be snarky since she’s an ex-PKG-member, but no name-calling.  Your turn.


What is Peace?

Yesterday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Erie Pennsylvania.  Apparently he did not have his evangelists in tow, as local elders Skip Henry and Bob Madison got to deliver the prayers.  Erie is one of his old stomping grounds as he was assigned there as WCG pastor for the area from approximately 1987 through mid-1994. While in Erie, he dealt with many WCG members who sinned by continuing to smoke. Their continuing to smoke had nothing to do with nicotine being more highly addictive than heroin, but that they really didn’t want to stop that “puny” habit.  As someone who foolishly took up the habit in my youth,  I can personally attest to the addictive nature of nicotine as I really wanted and fortunately was able to quit after several attempts.  (If you haven’t started, don’t.  If you have, quit and tough out the withdrawal symptoms because they will end.)  While recovering from appendicitis in a Sydney, Australia hospital, Ron declined a private room so he could remain in a room with three others who had suffered ill effects from the nasty habit.  Perhaps he was able to get three new converts.

Ron doesn’t know if PKG will be able to have another Feast of Tabernacles, but is planning for one.  Trust me, PKG will have another organized Feast of Tabernacles.  Despite the loss of members since this year’s feast and his prediction that more will leave, Ron is optimistic for more calamities which will drive more people to join PKG in fear.  So he is planning for twice as many in attendance next year.  I’m hoping for the reverse, such as each remaining PKG member having their own personal, private organized feast site away from home. 😉

Ron implied that people who remortgage their house to get a lower interest rate should take out a 30-year note. And should “pile it on”, which means they can take out more equity to donate to PKG (Ron). Obviously Ron didn’t do that, as he continues to pay his property tax, not through an escrow account at the mortgage company, but directly to the county or this year through a multi-partner law firm as described in my last post. In the comments area to that post, the consensus was that this method of payment is highly unusual. One speculation was that perhaps Ron is being sued having had a car accident.  Seems Ron drives like a teenager but being almost old enough for social security doesn’t have the quick reactions of a teenager. My speculation is that the Two Witnesses are getting a legal divorce with the Silent Witness getting all the assets so that the government has nothing to collect in the event of a conviction for tax evasion. We’ll have to see how this plays out, or perhaps the Spokesman Witness will explain (not holding my breath on that one).

It seems that some members are having problems accepting the ordination of women.  Since they don’t agree, they should stop attending PKG.  I suppose that after “investing” your life savings in PKG, it’s hard to leave.  My advice is to do that, don’t throw good money after bad.  There is still strife between PKG members.  Ron waxed philosophical about peace:

What is peace? Experiencing peace with others around us. Being at peace even if others aren’t at peace with us. I have people out there who would like to see me dead. They would rejoice if I died. They would say (mockingly) “It’s so sad what I heard. Ppphhhhttt.” (Silent witness and the rest of the crowd chuckles). They would have a hard time keeping a straight face, because they would be so happy. (sarcastically) “Look at — I can’t believe the things he took to himself. Man, oh man. He really had a high estimation of himself. The Elijah-to-come. Hoo, hoo. Man did he really go out in left field. A prophet. Not just any prophet, but one of the two at the end. One of the Two Witnesses. He died. Man, was that guy nuts.” There would be people who would be happy about it. They would reverberate through the scattered body. Because people would be happy.

http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442gTo really get the full impact, you have to listen to the tone of Ron’s voice (short mp3 clip if you don’t see the flash player above).  As far as the what the reaction of the “scattered body” would be, for most of the other Armstrongite splinters it’s “Ron, who???”.  When it comes those directly affected as a result of Ron’s false prophecies and exploitation, it’s another matter. Ron continued on about his mockers:

I don’t feel badly toward any of them. I don’t like what they do. I loathe some of the things they do to people, mainly to others in the church. I don’t take it personally. You can’t. It’s not about me.

Ron, you lying scumbag. It’s all about you. It’s about your ego trips and world travels including stays at places like the 5-star Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino. It’s about the bad things you do to people, giving them a false fear about the immediate future and a false hope for May 27, 2012. It’s about the bad things your members do to their unconverted family members, destroying their families and in one case even putting an unconverted family member in prison on false accusations.

You don’t feel badly toward others? What a crock!!!! Lest we forget, one of your own followers posted this excerpt from one of your sermons (April 19, 2008) on YouTube:

No, Ron — this was not a slip of the tongue. From the cadence of your voice, it’s obvious that you were reading from a prepared written statement. And you reiterated this death curse 8 months later when you really-for-real had your Witness power on your second 1335-day timeline.

Ron, you lying scumbag. You don’t get to take the moral high road on this. You took an affirmative step to cause my death and the deaths of others who rightly mock you,  An affirmative step in your own mind if you really believe the crap you ladle out.  On the other hand, no one has taken any action, spiritual or physical, to cause your death. In fact, I have taken affirmative action in the opposite direction, to convince someone else not to publicly post your address.

No, Ron — I’m not looking for your death. And if I were aware of a threat to your life, I would take affirmative action to prevent it by notifying the authorities. As far as how others whose lives you’ve damaged feel, I would not presume to judge their feelings. If it were to happen, your little routine from your latest sermon mocking your mockers mocking you should be transcribed as your epitaph.

Weinland One-Ups Herbie, Again

Thursday is the opening day of the Feast of Tabernacles during which False Prophet and Son of Perdition Ronald Weinland continues with his signs and lying wonders by rolling out another 4 new “truths”.  It’s been mildly interesting speculating what these new “truths” might be.  The following which appeared in the past few days on the PKG website could hold some clues:

The Rest of… Mystery of the Ages

The addition of four new truths revealed during the 2010 Feast of Tabernacles will complete the Mystery of the Ages initially revealed through Herbert W. Armstrong. The publication reveals the rest of that story.
*These new truths will be posted throughout the Feast after each one is covered in a sermon.

Chapter 1: The Completion of Mystery of the Ages
Chapter 2: History of the Spirit Realm
Chapter 3: Creation of Evil
Chapter 4: The Creation of Elohim

(Right now the site has hotlinks for the chapter titles which are dead-ended.  They’re placeholders so web-unsavvy Weinland can simply upload the files after introducing them in his sermons.) From the chapter list, we see that God created evil before he started creating Elohim, the God family.  Weinland teaches that Jesus, the second member of Elohim, did not exist prior to being born to Mary.

On another of Weinland’s flock of websites is the following:


This book is the compilation of the ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong. It was written to explain the plan of God in an easy-to-read format and also serve as a textbook at Ambassador College. No other book written in the previous 1900 years so succinctly covered the truth of the Bible.

“Mystery of the Ages” is one of the last pieces of literature written by False Prophet Herbert Armstrong before his death.  Currently the copyright is owned by Gerald Flurry’s Philadelphia CoG following an epic court battle with WCG which concluded with a negotiated sale.  The Philadephia CoG publishes this holy work but somehow I doubt that future editions will include Ron’s holy supplement.

On the COG-PKG website it says:

The Living Church of God, under the leadership of Roderick Meredith, is also asleep spiritually. Roderick C. Meredith is guilty in his failure to acknowledge Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong as the prophesied Elijah to come, who would restore all things to God’s true Church.

Yet elsewhere on the same COG-PKG site it says:

39 (18) Herbert W. Armstrong was a “type” of the prophesied “Elijah to come,” as he restored all truth essential to salvation to the Church of God during the Philadelphia Era.

Perhaps one of the new truths revealed over the next week will be that this blog, along with Dill Weed’s and Jack’s, is operated by Satan himself. As evidence of that notion is that it continues on despite Weinland’s curse for a speedy death issued in December of 2008. A death curse would be ineffective against Satan since he has to be around at the 100-year period following the Millennium to be cast into the Lake of Fire just ahead of Weinland’s mockers  suffering their second deaths. 😀

Any other guesses as to what the new “truths” are that Weinland will dazzle the Flavor Aid drinkers with?

Twisted and Distorted Minds

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Detroit this weekend.  Last weekend while in Hawaii, he expected to be in Cincinnati this weekend.  The itinerary change wasn’t announced until mid-week on his blog.  He gave two of his new associate elders a chance to shine during the prayers: Stan Watson Jr, and Parker Wrozek (Terry’s 24-year-old son).

During the announcements, Ron discussed planning for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall.  Speedy Sam is running slow, having failed to establish a feast site in the Lake of the Ozarks.  The large facility near the Lake of the Ozarks that WCG setup in the late ’60’s is not available and PKG would be lost inside that huge building anyway.  That is unless the vast hordes of people Ron has prophesied materialize by then requiring that Missouri elders Shawn Christal, Sam Qualls, and his daughter Dee Wobbe work overtime baptizing them.

PKG will be assembling for all 7 days of the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day this year.  Ron also raised the possibility for a Feast in 2011 because the great tribulation could be compressed into 6 months.  That delays things even further, as last October Ron said that the 5th trumpet could blow as late as August of next year.  The 200-million strong Asiatic horde could prepare invisibly for a year, a month, and a day for the big showdown just before Christ returns on May 26, 2012.  The US still has to be in captivity for at least 5 months — but I expect that in January of 2012 Ron will have us be in spiritual captivity.

I prophesy that, should Ron still be able and not in custody, there will be an organized COG-PKG Feast of Tabernacles in 2012.  And there’s a good chance there will be one even if Ron is out of the picture for whatever reason.

Ron recorded a “bonus” sermon during his appearance in Hawaii last weekend and posted it on the church website Friday night.  He must have been browsing my website just before services, because he had a few things to say about his mockers.  I’m including a few short audio clips. In this first clip, he claims that most of us on the websites have a past with PKG, and some have been disfellowshipped by him for sins such as adultery. (Note: hyperlinks are for users of iPods and iPads that can’t access Flash.
Here he accuses us of demonism:(mp3)

And here he throws out the “get a life” bit:(mp3)

With this clip I know he’s been reading my blog, as he referred to our criticism of his title acquisitions and the “what’s next? Jesus Christ” quips:(mp3)
Ron is twisting and distorting, probably to immunize curious members from what’s posted here.  None of the active bloggers maintaining websites including myself have ever been members of Ron’s church.  And only a few of the people who comment here are ex-members, and their departure had nothing to do with adultery — they disfellowshipped Ron for being a false prophet.  The only ones who have marital difficulties are those whose marriages broke up because their spouses are PKG members.   So Ron, you insane liar, what the heck are you smoking?

The Cock Crew

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Windsor CT today, making up for the trip he canceled in February instead of using his Witness Powers to shut up the heavens and stop the blizzard.   He continued his Passover series with part 7 and promises to inflict even more parts.  He went through the story of Peter’s denial of Christ several times and several times did the cock crew.

Ron mentioned planning for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall, which will be the third organized Feast after the very last organized Feast in 2007, but which this time is for the full 8 days of the Feast and the Last Great Day and not just 4 days.  He will use many of the same feast sites but a few will change. According to Ron, the feast site in the UK will move to Scotland.  Scotland is where his senior elder there, William G Milne lives. (BTW Ron, Scotland is part of the UK.)  Ron expects to have feast plans finalized by Pentecost.  Audra and the rest of you elders, better get busy.

The Spokesman Witness is mellowing out with his mockers.  Today he didn’t remind us of the death curse nor did he mock us.  It seems that now God will give us another chance, since we just don’t understand that Ron is really a prophet of God despite the fact that every single one of his prophecies have failed. Unlike the last two sermons, he did not mention May 27, 2012 but did mention the 5th Trumpet and how Germany will soon come to ascendency in Europe preparatory to taking over the US as well.   He took some time to stereotype Jews, at least he didn’t talk about the size of their noses.

Redfox at the Living Armstrongism blog had a post a few days ago about a chapter in Dave Pack’s Autobiography which mentions Weinland, calling him a false prophet.  Pot.  Kettle.  Black.  Pack has like Ron appointed himself as an Apostle but unlike Ron will not claim to be one of the Two Witnesses.  Those roles are reserved for two members of his church whom he will appoint and supervise.

Mocking Weinland

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke today in Melbourne, Australia.  Actually he spoke twice, as the recording for the first delivery was lost, so he got to redeliver it in a hotel room by himself.  Has Laura gone back to cowering in the bathtub, or was she out schmoozing the flock?  He mentioned getting some technical help connecting to the Internet to stream the sermon, help which ended up going awry.  I wonder if the latest technical help also came from Jonathan Baillie who contributed to the dropouts in the recording of the 2008 Last Great Day sermon.

Ron cautioned that associate elders are not to counsel.  People are to contact the elder in their region, who likely will refer the question to the FAQ section on the PKG website.  Anecdotal information that has reached me indicates that this has always been the prevalent practice.

I’ve recently been sparring with Aaron Robinson, a wordy person who types a lot but doesn’t say much.  He is yet another Weinland follower who is not a PKG member yet presumes to speak for Weinland.  I found this statement of his to be interesting:

When Mr. Weinland addresses his mockers, what he doesn’t do is make fun of them all over the place, and ridicule them, and just plain mocking them as like he is imitating somebody behind their back.

In today’s sermon, at 41 minutes in the version which includes the announcements, Ron discussed the pharisees trying to find fault with Jesus,  made the following statements:

You know, we have people listening to the sermons week after week, just to find fault.  They just can’t wait, they don’t get it, they don’t understand what God is giving.  But they just see human beings and they hate it.  They do just truly are stirred up and hate what they’re hearing.

And I think “Get a life!!! Why put yourself through that misery, if you hate it so much?  If you hate me, if you hate what you’re hearing so much.”

But it’s just like the pharisees here, they were going to lose something, because if they’re wrong.  So they’ve got to fight against it, to prove themselves right, to be right.  Incredible, the mind of human beings.   And so people that just try to find something that they can say that this is wrong.  This is bad, see he’s wrong again.  He’s wrong about this.  And they can’t wait to write about it, or tell others, or blog about it.  Because they just want to “bla bla bla” because they think that they’re so right.  And they just don’t get it.  They just have total inability to see. Sad.

Aaron, I wonder if you really listen to the sermons?  Can you hear the mocking tone that Weinland uses to address his critics? (And this is not the first time he’s done this.)   I expect that you probably don’t have ears to hear and will claim he wasn’t mocking.  Or you’ll just come up with a rambling explanation about how that’s OK, even though you said he doesn’t do that.

Ron had a similar riff earlier in the sermon, about 25 minutes into the current version of the recording.  Speaking of Jesus:

.. and people who are trying to find fault, and they were constantly trying to find fault.  We’re very accustomed to that.

You know people continually trying to find fault, trying to find something that’s said that they can find fault with.  That they can twist and distort, and they think they have a heyday.  Things that are written in the books, that they think that they have absolute understanding of.  They believe that certain things haven’t happened and they don’t get it.

They don’t understand the fast that took place.  They don’t understand God’s will and why God has done things the way he has.  They don’t understand the 50th truth.  They don’t appreciate, they don’t like those things.  And so they say, it’s like “nyah, nyah, nyah, we know”   So they’re just like little kids, playing games. And they don’t understand, they don’t see God. And you can’t give that to them.

But I do understand.  I understand that the 2-day fast was a ploy.  PKG was instructed to pray for death and destruction so people would be humbled and repent so God could show mercy.  If you don’t believe me, listen to the sermon of Jan 31, 2009. When none of the death, destruction, humbling, and repenting materialized, Ron then characterized it as God showing mercy, no mention of the lack of people being humbled and repenting.

And I do understand the 50th “truth”.  It was a desperate ploy, showing signs and lying wonders so that Ron could hang on to his flock and make them forget his promise to quit preaching if the 1st and 2nd trumpets weren’t powerfully and abundantly clear by July of 2008. At first PKG was to wait until Trumpets of 2008, but Ron quickly determined that PKG wouldn’t wait and had to deliver the sermon the following Saturday, 3 months ahead of schedule.

During the sermon, Ron went mentioned Jesus’ admonition to “pay unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s”.  Also stated that those who don’t pay their taxes are crackpots.  I expect that we’ll soon be finding out whether the IRS has determined Ron to be a crackpot by his own definition.

It seems that Ron’s allergies are getting more severe.  In the past Ron has instructed that visitors to Cincinnati should not wear perfumes and colognes because of sensitive people there.  Now he is instructing that people should not wear them when he comes visiting.  I wonder if someone were to attempt to do in the end-time Witness by throwing perfume on him, would he be drowned in a vat of perfume? (… he must in this manner be killed)?  😀

Aaron, before you try to paint this as a death threat by me on Weinland — no it isn’t.

Vile Spirits

The Weinland Witness blog was started by Citizen X a couple of years ago shortly after the first time the first trumpet blew.  About a year ago, Citizen X declared Weinland to be a false prophet when there were no “nukular” explosions within 90 days after the second time the first trumpet blew.

A couple of months ago “Aaron Robinson” started contributing to that blog, and has continued Citizen X’s “rabid Weinland haters” type of rhetoric against people who mock False Prophet Ronald Weinland as do I.

I’m responding to some comments that Aaron made on his blog, so the rest of this is addressed to him:

Aaron, I noticed that you’ve returned to your blog, and I have some questions about some comments you made in the last couple of days.  I’d post my response to your blog, except that Citizen X would delete them.  You said:

  • This is one thing that I don’t like about the true Weinland haters …, when they denounce anything and everything that Mr. Weinland says or does,
  • Which brings me to another point, because they are so very Hell-bent on tearing on down Mr. Weinland at any and all costs,

Who are “they“, exactly?  Come on, name names.   If you say that “they” (meaning I) denounce everything that Weinland says or does, be prepared to defend that.

And the statement that “they” (meaning I) am so very Hell-bent on tearing down Weinland at any and all costs.  What exactly does that mean?  That I have no boundaries?  If that were true, then it would be amazing that I haven’t taken my 9 mm pistol and at all costs tested Weinland’s Witness Protection Powers, because I obviously know where he lives.

And regarding my alleged destructive tendencies, you said:

  • They have a spirit of trying to destroy somebody because they don’t agree with them, even if they are affecting people’s lives.
  • … vile spirit that seek to destroy people just because they don’t agree with them

Whom have I sought to destroy just for not agreeing with me?  You obviously don’t agree with me.  Have I sought to destroy you?  Be specific.  Whom exactly have I tried to destroy?  Whose lives am I affecting, and please, no more garbage about my abusing Greg’s children.  It’s Greg who is abusing his children by not supporting them.

When it comes to my blogging about Weinland’s elders, I have demonstrated restraint in posting about them.  Being elders, they are prime examples of Weinland’s effects on his followers.  And as elders should be held to the higher standards mentioned in 1Timothy 3.  FYI, I’m working on yet another elder story I plan to post soon.

And then this statement from you:

I’m glad that most of you on here {on your blog post} don’t share this same vile spirit that seek to destroy people just because they don’t agree with them or because they think that they are liars, because if they really believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible, then there is no excuse to be mean, angry, vile, hostile, scoffing, mocking, ridiculing in any manner towars any other human-being upon this planet Earth, because that goes so very much against what Jesus Christ taught about loving.

Let’s view that statement in light of statements that Weinland has made:

On April 19, 2008 (at 9 minutes into the sermon MP3 on the PKG website), Weinland spouted off:

For those who want to mock, I do forewarn you, you’re going to cease, or you will die. You see, I have a unique job and you just don’t understand what that job is.  So you just don’t understand, you don’t know  the power of God, and what he has given to me to do.  I have a job and God has molded and fashioned me and prepared me with the boldness and the strength and the confidence to do this job.

And my first exercise in use of power that God has granted me in Revelation 11 is to you – you mockers.  To you who mock and ridicule God and his prophets. Truly.  It begins with you, first and foremost. You will be the first to experience some of the things that begin to take place. You don’t have to wait long. For those who mock, again,  from this day forward, by what you say against God’s people, by what you say against the truths of God, by what you say against God’s prophets. You will suffer from sickness that will eat you from the inside out, and you will die. Your death will not be quick.

And on Dec 20, 2008 (at 1 hour 19 minutes into the sermon MP3 on the PKG website), Weinland recursed:

Just like I mentioned back in April, in a sermon.  I had a couple people write, make comment, to let me know that they’re in good health.– but they’re still mocking.  I shake my head a little bit., and I think  – you don’t know what you’re saying.  You don’t know what you’re messing with. So I’m going to say the same thing I said back then, except stronger now, that those individuals who do those kinds of things

Those are the ones who God is going to begin working with early on, the mockers, the scorners, those who hate God.  They’re the ones who are going to lose out on what God is offering.  But not only that, as an example of certain things, because God is going to bring an end to this age, and because of the job he’s going to do even through me, that I certainly call upon those individuals to begin having those very problems I mentioned earlier on.  To die from within.   And not slowly now – speedily.  And there’s only one hope that you have, and that is repentance, and to place yourself at the mercy seat of God.  You know when things begin to happen to people, and things they go through — that’s what all must do.  When different things come on this earth.  You know if people will go before God and ask for God’s mercy, that is your hope.  It doesn’t mean that God’s going to answer you.  It depends on your spirit and your attitude.  And I’m speaking to people who are not a part of the church, but people who like to listen from time to time, and like to mock and make fun.  Well your time is up now.

And God will reveal things to you in a harsh way, because of your spirit and because of your attitude.  And far greater things than these are going to begin happening.  But again, it is beginning.   …. But unlike April, the job has now begun.

So you’re ready to accuse me and other critics of Weinland of being vile.  But not a mention of Weinland who actually attempted to kill me — if he really believes he is a Witness, then he sought to kill me.  Rather vile of him.  And rather hypocritical of you to ignore it.

You criticize my criticism of Weinland’s elders.  Yet you don’t criticize Weinland’s death attempt against elders of competing CoGs.  Being a fan of Weinland, you are well acquainted with the first phase of the Fifth Thunder, right?  Where’s the love there?  And since it’s over 3 years since the publication of his book, where’s the fulfillment of what he self-described as something that would prove him as a prophet?

Let’s review the definition for “vile”: “morally debased, depraved, or despicable”.  Clearly describes Weinland’s death curse on me and his mockers.  Clearly describes Weinland’s Total Resolve Cruise when he’d asked his followers to turn over their live savings.  You spout off about how we should love others, how about turning that rhetoric on Weinland?

“Vile” does not describe what Weinland’s mockers and critics have done.  None have made threats toward Weinland’s health and safety.  While I’ve published pictures of Weinland’s house so people can see how he lives, I’ve not published his address so that people could know where he lives.

So Aaron, here’s your chance to explain yourself and your hypocrisy.  I don’t arbitrarily delete comments just because I don’t agree with their content as does Citizen X.  But please stay on topic, don’t dump your entire pail of lame arguments about every aspect of Weinland.  And be brief — I know it will be difficult for you, but please try.  How about starting out with a discussion of Ron’s demonstration of love toward his enemies.

Weinland’s Capricious God

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Cincinnati this weekend for, as Jack puts it, the annual excuse fast.  According to Ron, last year’s two-day fast was a historic event to be long remembered, as it induced God to show mercy by delaying the tribulation.  That’s his story and he’s sticking to it, with no mention of the prayed-for death and destruction that was to occur from an increase of the thunders.

Thunders which he now states are not his, and were put in the book to give people a hard time, to trip, to find fault, to stumble where they will.  But on page 111 of “2008 God’s Final Witness” Ron wrote “These thunders are largely a matter of my own choosing, which God has given to me since I am His spokesman and the one who will stand before Him to the whole world during this end-time…. All Seven Thunders are given as God’s proof that I am His end-time prophet.”  Ron insisted that everything in his book would happen, but the timing had changed.  But on page 4, he stated “The proof of the validity of my first book, and now this one, is in the timing and the destruction that follows, exactly as both books describe.”  So now the thunders are not his, but God’s and were given to trip up a few critics? Does anyone see the irony in the following statement from Ron’s sermon? “I can’t tell you how much I loathe and I hate the spirit of justification.” Dill Weed has lot’s more to say about this.

Several minutes before the end of the sermon, Ron went on a rant about the hypocrisy of government, exploiting young men sent off to war.  The rant morphed to “And this government is sick in those things.  They’d like to shut my mouth.  And they’re working hard on it.  They only do what God gives them to do.  And they’re going to hear that a whole lot more as we go forward when God gives greater power.” Sounds to me like the IRS criminal investigation is not going well from Ron’s point of view.  So 60 weeks into the Great Tribulation and he still doesn’t have his Witness powers? Hmmm.  Hopefully what God gave the IRS to do will shut him up.

Ron’s rant continued on, switching to his critics.  He addressed us directly, asking what we wanted to save for “the new age” that we don’t believe is coming, but hypothetically speaking.  For myself, a utopian millennium would NOT include prideful, self-justifying false prophets who exploit those silly enough to follow them.  He continued on, accusing his critics of twisting and distorting and stirring up dirt and mud.  Ron, if you think I’m twisting and distorting, be specific — what exactly?  As far as the “stirring up dirt and mud” bit, I think he’s just trying to establish a defense for his followers who find out about the well documented existence of the IRS criminal investigation.  Or perhaps what set Ron off was my pointing out that he is the Son of Perdition.

Weinland ended his sermon and rant with a promise that his critics are about to learn a harsh lesson.  Ron, is “about to” any sooner than my quick death from the inside you cursed me with 59 weeks ago?

In Which I Speak for Myself

In Kirrily’s recent article hosted back on Don’t Drink the Flavor Aid, she stated:

I won’t speak for Mike, but I believe that if everything had indeed occurred as Ron said they would, that Mike would have believed that Ron was who he said he was!

I can speak for Mike, 😉 and here’s what I say:

Ron published his book “2008 — God’s Final Witness” in November of 2006. Let’s pretend that the following events had taken place between that publication date and early April of 2008 when I began this blog:

  • A terrorist event here in the US exceeding that of September 11.
  • Multiple earthquakes in the US exceeding those of the 1989 San Francsisco earthquake and the 1994 Los Angeles Northridge earthquake.
  • Multiple weather events effecting the US each of which exceeded the damage of Hurricane Katrina.
  • An economic problem exceeding that which later came to a head in September of 2008.
  • The deaths of certain CoG ministers: Rod Meredith, Richard Ames, Gerald Flurry, David Pack, and John Ritenbaugh. (Yes, I’m aware of some of these individuals, and even played with Meredith’s son as a child.)
  • A sustained death rate of celebrities and notables far exceeding those of late June and early July.
  • A major pandemic exceeding the current swine flu pandemic and rivaling that of 1918/1919.
  • The appearance of Ron and Laura on major TV news magazine shows such as “60 Minutes” and “20-20”, or at least a serious article in a magazine like Times or Newsweek.
  • A noticeable religious movement rejecting the trinity doctrine and going further to reject Jesus as having eternally existed, reserving that status for Yahweh Elohim alone.

Let’s say all of the above had happened to fulfill Ronald Weinland’s Seven Thunders prophecies. Or that similar events of the same order of magnitude had occurred except that the 5 specific ministers had still died. In that case, I might have remained skeptical as to whether Ron and Laura were the Two Witnesses, but would not have started a blog mocking the False Prophet and False Prophetess. After all, my first post following the introductory post was to debunk his Second Thunder.

And let’s say the following occurred after April 17th, 2008:

  • The Pope began making political overtures to nations of the United States of Europe, particularly Germany
  • During the seven weeks following 4/17/08, vegetation in the US began a massive die-off for some reason, with concurrent animal deaths as their habitat was destroyed, to fullfil Ronnie’s First Trumpet prophecy as prophesied on Weinland’s blog.
  • Bob Thiel of cogwriter.com and Gavin Rumney of Ambassador Watch announced the ending of their blogs due to health reasons, or even simply stopped updating them, indicating that Ron’s curses against his mockers were effective.

Then I would have had to admit the possibility that Ron and Laura were indeed the two witnesses, that their curses against their mockers were effective, and that their prophecies were true. And if these events had been followed up with specific weather events declared in advance by Ron and Laura and “nukular” detonations in US port cities by mid-July of last year, then I’d have had no choice but to admit that Ron and Laura were indeed the Two Witnesses of Revelation chapter 11. Perhaps I would include myself in the hordes joining their church and be a part of the tithe of the third of the US population or 10 million people to survive the remaining trumpets and live on into the new age.

But absolutely none of this happened. Not even close. Let’s say that world events had gone on exactly as they actually have, but that in Weinland-land some events were different. And that I had started my blog as I did in April of 2008.

Let’s say that on June 8, 2008 (Pentecost) Ron had honored his “If by Pentecost” declaration of March 29, 2008 and announced that, since the effects of the First Trumpet were not powerfully and abundantly clear, he was turning over that day’s church services to either of his evangelists Wayne Matthews or Johnny Harrell. Also that his replacement backed off from any prophetic declarations or characterizations of the Weinlands as the Witnesses.

And let’s say that by July 31, Ronald Weinland had declared that he was indeed a False Prophet, apologizing to the members of his church for misleading them, and announcing that he would be resigning as the head of “the Chuch of God, Inc.” by September 1, 2008 with his only official acts being those necessary to facilitate a smooth, legal transition to his successor.

If all of this alternative scenario had happened, I would still have started my blog in April of last year as I did. But my blogging would have tapered off in June of last year after he quit preaching. And by July I would have shut down my blog without publishing the photos of his $381,000 mansion on a golf course. Nor would I have publicized the existence of the IRS criminal investigation of Ronald Weinland. And if you think that’s “no big deal”, then google “IRS Criminal Investigation” and see how many other specific criminal investigations are mentioned at all, while Weinland’s is mentioned twice in the first 3 pages of results. Ron, you are truly a unique individual.

Ron, if your prophecies had been true, then I wouldn’t be blogging. Or if you had been true to your word, I wouldn’t be blogging either. Either way, Ron, it’s all your fault.