Ryan Responds

Early this morning we had some comments left on some older posts by Ryan.  While it’s not clear that Ryan is a PKG member, he clearly is drinking Ron’s Flavor Aid.  In order to consolidate the discussion, and since people tend to ignore older posts concentrating on the more recent ones, I am quoting a couple of his posts here.

One of his comments on a posting from last year reads:

Now we see how it is that people do twist and distort what is said.  Mr. Weinland did not call God a liar as was stated that he did, and neither did God lie to him or anybody else.  This is not how he explained the second time-line.

Ryan, that point is discussed in some detail on my last post and in its comments.  It’s quite clear that either God lied or Ron lied.  All of Ron’s BS explanations justifying his change to the second timeline don’t change that there was some lying going on.

In apparent response to this comment by Whisper, on a post in which we were discussing Ron’s ruptured appendix:

The longer Ron is “out of action” the more time his sheeples will have to assess the situation and possibly, oh my goodness, allow some doubts to rise to the top and be thought upon. How can the most POWERFUL man ever birthed with the full power of GOD behind him and whom is immune to DEATH and who’s enemies and detractors shall be PUNISHED in the exact same way the attempt to harm the Witness, who is Gods Final Witness and one (spokesman mind you of both as the other is a woman and can’t speak) of the 2 Witness’s of REVELATION, who is a APOSTLE and the end time ELIJAH, how can he suffer from such a malady as a pandects that would indeed be life threatening if not for medical treatment by others? How can such a powerful man who’s prophesied stock and trade is miracles (although destructive) of God be afflicted by such mundane maladies? Doesn’t these maladies make Ron look, oh… HUMAN? MORTAL? You know, one of the rank and file, another man, no better or worse than the whole?

Ryan responded:

Whisper, that is the point, Mr. Weinland is indeed human, and his books never said that he would be immune to sickness, but he just won’t die is all.  This is like the things I’ve heard about him not utilizing his prized Witness powers to shut up the heavens to make it not snow or rain so that he will be able to travel to wherever he goes.  But convenience is not the reason for those powers, whether it would be him or anybody else, helping out themselves would not be the reason for Witness powers, but do you really think so though ?

Apparently Ryan was also responding to my post about Ronnie’s itinerary change due to last year’s snowpocalypse or possibly the follow-up post which also mentioned the End-Time-Elijah’s susceptibility to poison ivy and perfumes.  Setting aside whether or not God’s Most Formidable Prophet should be vulnerable to maladies and whether or not he prophesied during the days of his recovery from appendicitis, let’s address the appropriate use of Witness Powers.  Ryan, if it’s trivial to use Witness Powers to enable the End-Time Prophet to keep to his itinerary and preach the word of God, then why is it not a trivial use of Witness Powers to put a death curse on mockers who don’t impede his prophesying in the slightest?  And speaking of Ronnie’s death curse (which BTW was the only exercise of his Witness Powers), whether it was trivial or not, why am I (his most persistent mocker) still mocking away over two years after he called for my speedy death?  Why did Ronnie find it necessary to spiritualize my death?  Which BTW is total BS — I find that my blogging activity has been a positive personal development exercise for me.  The people who are really suffering as a result of Ron’s activities are the family members of his followers.

And why would the use of Witness Powers to prove himself as God’s End-Time Prophet be a trivial use?  Seems to me that turning a few fountains into blood would be an effective way to make people take him seriously and consider his warnings so that God could show his mercy on them.  Speaking of proving himself to be a prophet of God and death curses, why are all 5 of the specific individuals who were to die early on as proof of Weinland as a prophet of God still alive?  Reminder, this was a test Ron defined for himself on page 108 of his latest book.  It was just over 4 years ago that he wrote these individuals letters calling on them to repent or else.  They didn’t repent and there was no “or else” either.

So, I’ve had my response.  You can respond as well.  And so can everyone else.  And like Ryan, let’s disagree agreeably.  We’ve had a couple of PKG members on this blog, Fred Roberts and Zach(helpingusoon), who were very obnoxious.  But Ryan has been respectful and so should you.  Well, we’ll give Kirrily some latitude to be snarky since she’s an ex-PKG-member, but no name-calling.  Your turn.


Vile Spirits

The Weinland Witness blog was started by Citizen X a couple of years ago shortly after the first time the first trumpet blew.  About a year ago, Citizen X declared Weinland to be a false prophet when there were no “nukular” explosions within 90 days after the second time the first trumpet blew.

A couple of months ago “Aaron Robinson” started contributing to that blog, and has continued Citizen X’s “rabid Weinland haters” type of rhetoric against people who mock False Prophet Ronald Weinland as do I.

I’m responding to some comments that Aaron made on his blog, so the rest of this is addressed to him:

Aaron, I noticed that you’ve returned to your blog, and I have some questions about some comments you made in the last couple of days.  I’d post my response to your blog, except that Citizen X would delete them.  You said:

  • This is one thing that I don’t like about the true Weinland haters …, when they denounce anything and everything that Mr. Weinland says or does,
  • Which brings me to another point, because they are so very Hell-bent on tearing on down Mr. Weinland at any and all costs,

Who are “they“, exactly?  Come on, name names.   If you say that “they” (meaning I) denounce everything that Weinland says or does, be prepared to defend that.

And the statement that “they” (meaning I) am so very Hell-bent on tearing down Weinland at any and all costs.  What exactly does that mean?  That I have no boundaries?  If that were true, then it would be amazing that I haven’t taken my 9 mm pistol and at all costs tested Weinland’s Witness Protection Powers, because I obviously know where he lives.

And regarding my alleged destructive tendencies, you said:

  • They have a spirit of trying to destroy somebody because they don’t agree with them, even if they are affecting people’s lives.
  • … vile spirit that seek to destroy people just because they don’t agree with them

Whom have I sought to destroy just for not agreeing with me?  You obviously don’t agree with me.  Have I sought to destroy you?  Be specific.  Whom exactly have I tried to destroy?  Whose lives am I affecting, and please, no more garbage about my abusing Greg’s children.  It’s Greg who is abusing his children by not supporting them.

When it comes to my blogging about Weinland’s elders, I have demonstrated restraint in posting about them.  Being elders, they are prime examples of Weinland’s effects on his followers.  And as elders should be held to the higher standards mentioned in 1Timothy 3.  FYI, I’m working on yet another elder story I plan to post soon.

And then this statement from you:

I’m glad that most of you on here {on your blog post} don’t share this same vile spirit that seek to destroy people just because they don’t agree with them or because they think that they are liars, because if they really believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible, then there is no excuse to be mean, angry, vile, hostile, scoffing, mocking, ridiculing in any manner towars any other human-being upon this planet Earth, because that goes so very much against what Jesus Christ taught about loving.

Let’s view that statement in light of statements that Weinland has made:

On April 19, 2008 (at 9 minutes into the sermon MP3 on the PKG website), Weinland spouted off:

For those who want to mock, I do forewarn you, you’re going to cease, or you will die. You see, I have a unique job and you just don’t understand what that job is.  So you just don’t understand, you don’t know  the power of God, and what he has given to me to do.  I have a job and God has molded and fashioned me and prepared me with the boldness and the strength and the confidence to do this job.

And my first exercise in use of power that God has granted me in Revelation 11 is to you – you mockers.  To you who mock and ridicule God and his prophets. Truly.  It begins with you, first and foremost. You will be the first to experience some of the things that begin to take place. You don’t have to wait long. For those who mock, again,  from this day forward, by what you say against God’s people, by what you say against the truths of God, by what you say against God’s prophets. You will suffer from sickness that will eat you from the inside out, and you will die. Your death will not be quick.

And on Dec 20, 2008 (at 1 hour 19 minutes into the sermon MP3 on the PKG website), Weinland recursed:

Just like I mentioned back in April, in a sermon.  I had a couple people write, make comment, to let me know that they’re in good health.– but they’re still mocking.  I shake my head a little bit., and I think  – you don’t know what you’re saying.  You don’t know what you’re messing with. So I’m going to say the same thing I said back then, except stronger now, that those individuals who do those kinds of things

Those are the ones who God is going to begin working with early on, the mockers, the scorners, those who hate God.  They’re the ones who are going to lose out on what God is offering.  But not only that, as an example of certain things, because God is going to bring an end to this age, and because of the job he’s going to do even through me, that I certainly call upon those individuals to begin having those very problems I mentioned earlier on.  To die from within.   And not slowly now – speedily.  And there’s only one hope that you have, and that is repentance, and to place yourself at the mercy seat of God.  You know when things begin to happen to people, and things they go through — that’s what all must do.  When different things come on this earth.  You know if people will go before God and ask for God’s mercy, that is your hope.  It doesn’t mean that God’s going to answer you.  It depends on your spirit and your attitude.  And I’m speaking to people who are not a part of the church, but people who like to listen from time to time, and like to mock and make fun.  Well your time is up now.

And God will reveal things to you in a harsh way, because of your spirit and because of your attitude.  And far greater things than these are going to begin happening.  But again, it is beginning.   …. But unlike April, the job has now begun.

So you’re ready to accuse me and other critics of Weinland of being vile.  But not a mention of Weinland who actually attempted to kill me — if he really believes he is a Witness, then he sought to kill me.  Rather vile of him.  And rather hypocritical of you to ignore it.

You criticize my criticism of Weinland’s elders.  Yet you don’t criticize Weinland’s death attempt against elders of competing CoGs.  Being a fan of Weinland, you are well acquainted with the first phase of the Fifth Thunder, right?  Where’s the love there?  And since it’s over 3 years since the publication of his book, where’s the fulfillment of what he self-described as something that would prove him as a prophet?

Let’s review the definition for “vile”: “morally debased, depraved, or despicable”.  Clearly describes Weinland’s death curse on me and his mockers.  Clearly describes Weinland’s Total Resolve Cruise when he’d asked his followers to turn over their live savings.  You spout off about how we should love others, how about turning that rhetoric on Weinland?

“Vile” does not describe what Weinland’s mockers and critics have done.  None have made threats toward Weinland’s health and safety.  While I’ve published pictures of Weinland’s house so people can see how he lives, I’ve not published his address so that people could know where he lives.

So Aaron, here’s your chance to explain yourself and your hypocrisy.  I don’t arbitrarily delete comments just because I don’t agree with their content as does Citizen X.  But please stay on topic, don’t dump your entire pail of lame arguments about every aspect of Weinland.  And be brief — I know it will be difficult for you, but please try.  How about starting out with a discussion of Ron’s demonstration of love toward his enemies.

2010 — God’s Falser Witness

2010gfwBeing the beginning of a new year, it’s time to look back at the past year and also look forward.

A year ago, I made a few predictions such as that the inauguration of Barack Obama would come off despite Weinland’s prophecy that it wouldn’t happen. As I predicted, the pope still hasn’t done anything beast-like and has given no indication that he’s even heard of our Spokesman Witness, much less that he’s irritated by him.

The end of January saw the unprecedented 2-day fast in which members were to pray for death to humble people from an increase in the thunders.  Since this didn’t happen, Weinland twisted their prayers as justification for the Tribulation not being great (or even minor for that matter).  As I expected, Weinland has hammered on the 4th Thunder, the economy, even turning it into the 1st Trumpet with green currency being grass.  I guess countries with different colored currency will skip the 1st Trumpet.

February gave the opportunity to show Weinland’s member control tactics in an email exchange with an exiting member.  It seems that any problems you have with Ron and his false prophecies are due to some sin in your life.

In March, after the second trumpet did not strike within the first 90 days of the 2nd Great Tribulation, “Citizen X”, who was the only pro-Weinland blogger (albeit claiming neutrality), declared Weinland to be a false prophet. Weinland also made another radio interview with Cincinnati radio station WLW, his first in about 10 months, and stated that “nukular” explosions would occur within a year.

In June, Ron gave a presentation at ideaCity and fled after being exposed to Rick Miller’s comedy routine.  The formidable prophet was still so rattled 3 days later that he got the day for the event mixed up in his sermon.  But never fear, Jeremy knows how to edit sermons and does.  And on the 21st of June yet another prophecy in “2008 – God’s Final Witness” failed as the US is still an independent nation.

In July, Kirrily worked through some of her anger at being exploited by Weinland.  Also in July, recordings surfaced revealing Weinland’s tactics as he seized control of The Church of God, Inc. from its lay board as I transitioned from Blogspot to this WordPress blog.

In August, Weinland came out against Facebook and stated he was not an apostle.

In September, he missed his live appearance for the Feast of Trumpets, which was also the 40th sabbath of judgment of the Great Tribulation.

In October, Weinland redefined Time in his Last Great Day sermon with the help of alternate definitions in Strong’s Concordance, selecting the one that suited him.

November was an eventful month, as he declared himself to be an apostle despite his denial of such less than 3 months earlier.  Audra was ordered in federal court to give testimony to the IRS to support their criminal investigation of Ronald Weinland.  He also defrocked one of his elders for being on Facebook.

This past month has also been eventful, as Weinland demoted his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong to only a “type” of an Elijah, claiming himself to be the final Elijah-to-come to restore all things.  And also announcing the ordination of women within PKG besides Laura.

downfallWe can put paid to yet another failed prophecy, as put out during his Google Adwords campaign earlier last year.  America is still an independent nation despite Ron’s extension of our economic woes.

Now for the predictions.  I predict that Weinland will keep most of his members as he marches them in close-order drill to the right and to the left.  I don’t think that there will be a strong reaction to his ordination of women since that was practiced in WCG, although only to the rank of deaconess which did not include the right to perform baptisms.  A lot will depend on whether Ann, Myrtle, or Chris throw their senior elder weight around too much.  I wonder if Wayne’s tendency to sheriff will rub off on Chris.

His future waves of ordination will take in most of the sealed, particularly those healthy and employed who generate more income.  He will then move to the younger unsealed members who have been with him for awhile and attended the 2006 Feast of Tabernacles.  There will be few if any ordained among the members who joined as a result of the Google Ad campaign which began in earnest in late 2007.   Ron promises to dangle yet more carrots in front of his members.  Probably will include the assumption of yet more titles with the proof based solely on his declaration.  Any new changes in doctrine will be designed to intensify his hold on his followers.

I predict that over the coming year there will be bad weather events, earthquakes, an armed skirmish here and there, and a few ups and downs of the economy.  One of the Fated Five of the Fifth Thunder may die (after all they’re in their 60s and 70s and 3 of the 5 have buried their first wives), and if it happens that will be shown as evidence of Weinland’s prophethood even if Meredith and Ames are not the first to die.  The 6th thunder will die off since the movie 2012 has been released for awhile now and when we get into the new year there will be less inclination for “end of the world” predictions.  Ron may get a radio interview or two in some local market but his ideaCity audience will not be repeated.

I also predict that IRS Criminal Investigation will refer the case against Ronald Weinland to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution later in the year.  They’ve been on the case for 18 months now, which is longer than the average of 14 months for an investigation, so it would seem they still feel that they have a good chance of making a case in court.   There is also a statute of limitations deadline for the first tax year for which they’re investigating him, and time has to be allowed for the review process and obtaining an indictment.  The statute of limitations is 6 years from the required filing date of April 15, 2005 for tax year 2004, or April 15, 2011.  However, the statute of limitations starts at a later date if he filed later, and is extended whenever he is out of the country.  As a reminder, a DoJ referral would not mean that Ronald Weinland is guilty of criminal tax evasion as that can only be determined in a court of law.

I hope that neither the IRS or the DOJ gives Weinland a taxpayer conference before deciding to proceed toward prosecution.  I think it likely that if Weinland feels the law closing in on him, he will make another overseas trip, one much, much longer than usual.  Or use his many members to hide him away from the beast power now recognized to be manifested in the criminal justice system.

I further predict that Weinland’s curse that I die speedily from the inside will be delayed long enough to see if my predictions come true or not.

To “Weinland Observer”, I hope that my reading of your absence from my blog is correct, that your parents have engaged with you and shown to you that this prophet is false, and that you’re back to doing the normal teen things.  Life, particularly at your age, is hard enough without a religious exploiter involved screwing things up even more.

To Kirrily, I know this last year has been a crazy one for you.  I hope that this coming year will settle out and be your best ever.

To all of my readers, thank you for following my blog.  And to those of my readers who are elders, and to “Observer” and other lay members of The Church of God – PKG, I hope you will have eyes to see and ears to hear and will stop drinking the Flavor Aid stirred up from Ron’s delusions.

Ron Curses Moses

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has just posted an open letter on his blog to Moses Znaimer of ideaCity. Here is a copy of it:


This is the letter I sent to Moses on the 21st of July:

Dear Moses,

It is with genuine gratitude that I want to thank you for the opportunity to have been a presenter at ideaCity. Long before the actual event, I was receiving very positive and helpful communication from your staff. Once my wife and I arrived in Toronto, we began to meet more of your staff members who were also exceptionally helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic. Then, on the first morning, we had the opportunity to meet even more staff members who continued with that same excellent helpfulness, care, and concern for our presence at the conference.

My purpose in writing to you is twofold. First, I wanted to thank you and your staff for making us feel so very welcome. Secondly, I must tell you why I could not return after the first morning of presentations.

The first few presenters were interesting, thought provoking, and they tied in well together, even with part of what I addressed in my presentation. Everything was fine to this point. I understand offering diverse thoughts and opinions, as with the gentleman who followed my presentation who espoused the belief, through intellectualism, that “God never wrote a book” and how he believed in the fallacy of what was written in scripture. As God’s prophet for this end-time, I know such ignorance is all too plentiful on earth. [Weinland is speaking of the ignorant Tom Harpur, author of “The Pagan Christ”]

However, a couple of presentations later, you gave the stage to a man who was “supposedly” a comedian, but sadly, the content of his message was so revolting, perverted and blasphemous that I found it incredulous that you would have given such recognition to something so hideous. For me, this is one of the most distasteful experiences I have ever had in my whole life. It is not my purpose to pass judgment on you, but to explain to you why I found this presentation so harmful to what I had believed was a more noble purpose for ideaCity. [Speaking of Rick Miller]

Perhaps you could try to put yourself in my shoes for just a moment. Indeed, as I said in my presentation, I do not expect you or that audience to believe I am God’s end-time prophet.

However, I would think that you might at least consider that I am very sincere about the warning I gave and that I have a deep conviction and passion about the message I delivered. Having said this, I would think that you might then understand that what I experienced (and hopefully, a few others might have experienced) was one of shock and dismay that ideaCity would allow such a presentation to be given. Tolerance and diversity do have their limits in life, even in this world.

There is no example I can give to reveal the magnitude of what this was like, but consider what it might be like if I had a brother, and he was one who was known for his tireless efforts to promote peace, give monetary aid, and influence the promotion of medical assistance to underdeveloped nations (due to his great wealth, political influence, and known humanitarianism). In time, my brother was murdered by terrorists and then drug through the city behind a jeep until only some few bones and flesh remained. Then, a few months later, ideaCity hosts a comedian who mocks the death of my brother while I am in the audience. Jesus Christ is my brother and you sponsored a comedian who mocked his death in front of me.

Out of conviction and conscience toward my brother and Father, I could not return in the afternoon, nor could I participate in anything further that would show any kind of support for ideaCity. To me, participation of any kind after that would have meant I was condoning what was presented.

Since I have no idea about your beliefs, I do want to say that the Eternal God, the God of Abraham, who I spoke about in my presentation, does not take this event lightly. This is not a small thing that such mocking of His Son was given audience at ideaCity and that you personally sponsored this. It is my hope that you come to see the magnitude of the severity of your decision for what occurred and that you will pursue God’s mercy in this matter because of what it will mean to you personally if you fail to do so.

Most sincerely,
Ronald Weinland


Ronnie doesn’t allow commenting on his blog. But I do, and this is your opportunity to comment on Ronnie’s fatwa.