His Own Worst Enemy

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Florida this weekend.  Johnny and the Georgia bunch came down, but Ron still gave a couple of the local elders a chance for some mike time giving the prayers instead of having his senior evangelist do one.  Ron is continuing to beef up his elder staff to handle the hordes of people who will join PKG after the second trumpet, whenever it gets around to blowing.  I expect that Ron will soon have another wave of ordinations.  He promoted David Conley of McDowell, VA to senior elder (Hi Dave), and did the same with Scott Cameron of Colby, KS whom he had recently promoted to elder.  He also announced the ordination of Scott’s wife Kris as associate elder without further comment.  Kristina is Ron’s sister and is much younger than Ron, being just a few years older than Audra who is a senior elder.

The meaning of the word “Jerusalem”  was a topic of Ron’s sermon and also on this blog last weekend.  Last week I pointed out a web site that had some additional information as to the meaning, Mal took exception to this telling me that Ron was perfectly correct.  In his sermon this weekend, Ron stated that he had the “Jeru” part wrong, but when on about it not mattering.  I agree.  The meaning of “Jerusalem” doesn’t matter in the context of Ron’s continued prophetic failures.

Ron spent part of the sermon reading his latest blog post.  Ron admitted to another mistake, which has since been corrected in the posting on his blog.  In Ronnie’s second timeline, September 28, 2008 was not the opening of the seventh seal but was the sealing of the 144,000.  All this symbology is confusing even for the false prophet who made it up, as demonstrated on his own blog.  An explanation is that Ron may be under increased pressure from the IRS special agent conducting the criminal investigation.  Ron spoke of stirred up beings on the warpath.  In the past, spiritual warfare has been associated with IRS activities.  Ron was under so much stress that he slept over 12 hours Thursday night.  Perhaps he didn’t sleep well Wednesday night from stressful events that day and was catching up on Thursday night.

Ron explained the significance of the number 36 which is the count of the “truths” he has invented.  Ron has doubled the accomplishments of his spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong, who only invented 18 “truths”.  How incredible!!

Ron took time to issue a fatwa against the use of two-piece bathing suits.  Somewhere in the sermon was a relatively brief pacifist rant.  Ron mentioned a cartoon in which someone asked God to smite his worst enemy.  The next frame showed the petitioner charred with smoke curling up. Ron should take a lesson from this, and be careful about calling down fire on those who harm him.  My Bible verse of the sermon is Romans 3:13.


Greg Gets Gideoned

In my previous post, Gaoled Geek Greg, I discussed how one of Weinland’s elders has spent some time in jail for not making court-ordered domestic support payments.  More details on Greg’s situation have come to light from a recent court opinion.

divorce_decreeThe following excerpts are taken from the opinion rendered by the Michigan Court of Appeals in response to an appeal filed by Greg which contested various elements of his divorce decree. In the opinion written by the court, Greg is referred to as the defendant and his ex-wife is the plaintiff.

The parties married in June 2001 and had two children: [Child 1], born in November 2004, and [Child 2], born in November 2005. {Child 2 was born the same month that Ron kind-of-sort-of announced that he was one of the Two Witnesses before clearly announcing it the following month.}

In our case, the parties married on June 9, 2001, and defendant was earning approximately $121,000 working a full-time position and a contract position. At the time of the marriage, defendant was a member of the Church of God, and after the marriage plaintiff became a member as well. Toward the end of this turbulent marriage, in approximately February 2008, defendant [Greg] quit both of his jobs and took a position with the Church of God PKG, earning $36,000 per year. In this position, defendant traveled around the world proselytizing the church’s views. Indeed, it was a result of defendant’s choice to become employed by the Church of God PKG, as well as some of the effects emanating from the views held by members of that church, that led plaintiff to refile for divorce in March 2008. By the time the judgment of divorce was entered in April 2009, defendant had been working at the Church of God PKG for more than a year.

There was a previous divorce filing in August 2005 which was dropped early in 2006, shortly after Child 2 was born. Perhaps Greg’s ex-wife was distracted by the birth of her second child and the litigation, and the true impact of Ron’s announcements in November and December of 2005 of being a Witness didn’t sink in right away.  Some of Greg’s peculiar religious views were described in the opinion:

Plaintiff testified that defendant was reluctant to allow [Child 1] to attend preschool, expressing fear that “something would happen, and there would be like a lock down, where you wouldn’t be able to go and retrieve your children from school.” {Perhaps Greg feared that a lock down would be imposed when the 2nd Trumpet “nukular” bombs exploded in US port cities.}  Plaintiff also testified that defendant told the children that “[Christmas] is a lie” and “mommy put those presents under the tree.” Plaintiff testified that defendant would not let the children view carved pumpkins at Halloween and explained in front of the children why certain holiday traditions are “bad” and “evil.” Plaintiff testified that, regarding her new boyfriend, the children “say Phil doesn’t follow God; Phil’s bad; daddy doesn’t like him.”

Although we’re hearing this through Greg’s ex-wife in an adversarial situation, these statements are completely consistent with Rotten Ronnie’s goofy theology.  The opinion went on to discuss monetary issues.

The parties had $74,000 in a 401(k) account, $14,000 of which was defendant’s premarital property. Defendant “cashed out” the account, and, in doing so, subjected it to a 10% penalty. The court stated that defendant would be responsible for the penalty.

It’s my understanding that court-ordered property settlements from retirement savings can be handled by transferring the funds to the spouse’s retirement plan without the transfer being a taxable event.  I wonder if Greg’s 401(k) withdrawal was actually part of his “pitcher breaking” in response to Ron’s Total Resolve sermon.

Here are some statements concerning the court-ordered support payments:

In considering spousal support, the trial court found that plaintiff earned $40,000 a year working part-time and that “she should be able to return to full-time employment within two years.” It found that defendant has an income of $113,000…..   The court awarded $159 a month in spousal support for two years…   The court also based its child-support award on an income of $113,000 a year.

In looking over the child support formulas in Michigan, and assuming an income net after taxes of $70,000/year for Greg if he had not foolishly quit his job, and about $30,000/year of after-tax income for his ex-wife, then if I’m reading the tables correctly Greg would be required to pay 2/3 of total child support of around $2100/month, so around $1400/month would be the court ordered child support payments from Greg.  In addition to which Greg was ordered to pay $159/month in temporary spousal support for 2 years.  I could be in error in interpreting the tables, so you are welcome to study the formulas and supply any corrections to my estimates.  I suspect that if I’m in error in calculating the support payment, it’s on the low side.

Court-ordered payments of over $1500/month would be pretty tough to make out of $3000/month salary after paying taxes and first tithe and second tithe as well.  And would still be tough even if Ron has liberalized tithing requirements for employed elders and only taxes are taken out.  Living on that salary would be rather frugal even if Greg did not have his other unmet obligations.  The majority of the appeals court did not agree with Greg that his support payments should be based on the low salary that Ron pays him but instead on the salary he had demonstrated himself capable of earning.  The minority opinion gave the notion that support payments should be based on Greg’s current Ron-decided lower salary only moral support, not legal.  The court expects that a parent will make sacrifices for his/her children, even if that sacrifice includes keeping a higher paying job.

So Greg broke a pretty expensive pitcher when he quit his job to work for the Spokesman of the Two Witnesses.  Not only did he give up a well-paying job and his 401(k) savings, he gave up his family including children whose names also begin with “G”.

In listening to one of Ron’s sermon statements from 2007, it seems that Greg is one of the architects of Ron’s 15 minutes of fame on the Internet.  Previously, Ron had focused on old school promotion methods such as advertising in Readers Digest just like his spiritual idol Herbert Armstrong.  Greg persuaded him to try Google Ads starting in 2007 and the rest is history.

As far as Greg’s PKG salary, it seems to be a bit low even by Ron’s standards.   Daughter/senior elder/bookkeeper/personal assistant Audra owns her own home, on which property taxes are assessed based on a value of $140,000, which is likely about what she paid for it back in 2007 just before the first sealing of the 144,000.  I doubt that anyone could qualify for a mortgage of that amount with an income of only $36,000.  So there seems to be a benefit to being a member of the family through whom God is working — powerfully, powerfully so.  How is it that 24-year-old Jeremy is able to afford to travel to southeast Asia?  Does a starting graphic design career pay that well, even as talented as he seems to this lay person?

Who would have imagined that now over two years since the first opening of the seventh seal and over 15 months after we weren’t able to inaugurate a president to replace George W, that the court system would still be in business to handle divorce matters?  And who’da thunk-it that this blog would still be continuing 70 weeks after the End-Time Elijah and Spokesman Witness pronounced a speedy death curse on its author?

A personal note to Greg who may be among the PKG members and elders who read my blog:  Wake up and smell the Flavor Aid, man!!! You’ve allowed your spiritual idolatry to destroy your personal life, don’t let your commitment to this demonstrated false prophet continue to damage your obligation to and relationship with your children.  Your relationship with your children’s mother is obviously damaged beyond all repair.  But your relationship with your children should be cherished, not further abused by polluting it with the pathological views of a demonstrated exploiting false prophet.  Stop the madness!!!  I didn’t give your full name so that a potential employer Googling your name would not end up on this post.  End the madness, salvage what you can, fix it now!!!

Mocking Weinland

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke today in Melbourne, Australia.  Actually he spoke twice, as the recording for the first delivery was lost, so he got to redeliver it in a hotel room by himself.  Has Laura gone back to cowering in the bathtub, or was she out schmoozing the flock?  He mentioned getting some technical help connecting to the Internet to stream the sermon, help which ended up going awry.  I wonder if the latest technical help also came from Jonathan Baillie who contributed to the dropouts in the recording of the 2008 Last Great Day sermon.

Ron cautioned that associate elders are not to counsel.  People are to contact the elder in their region, who likely will refer the question to the FAQ section on the PKG website.  Anecdotal information that has reached me indicates that this has always been the prevalent practice.

I’ve recently been sparring with Aaron Robinson, a wordy person who types a lot but doesn’t say much.  He is yet another Weinland follower who is not a PKG member yet presumes to speak for Weinland.  I found this statement of his to be interesting:

When Mr. Weinland addresses his mockers, what he doesn’t do is make fun of them all over the place, and ridicule them, and just plain mocking them as like he is imitating somebody behind their back.

In today’s sermon, at 41 minutes in the version which includes the announcements, Ron discussed the pharisees trying to find fault with Jesus,  made the following statements:

You know, we have people listening to the sermons week after week, just to find fault.  They just can’t wait, they don’t get it, they don’t understand what God is giving.  But they just see human beings and they hate it.  They do just truly are stirred up and hate what they’re hearing.

And I think “Get a life!!! Why put yourself through that misery, if you hate it so much?  If you hate me, if you hate what you’re hearing so much.”

But it’s just like the pharisees here, they were going to lose something, because if they’re wrong.  So they’ve got to fight against it, to prove themselves right, to be right.  Incredible, the mind of human beings.   And so people that just try to find something that they can say that this is wrong.  This is bad, see he’s wrong again.  He’s wrong about this.  And they can’t wait to write about it, or tell others, or blog about it.  Because they just want to “bla bla bla” because they think that they’re so right.  And they just don’t get it.  They just have total inability to see. Sad.

Aaron, I wonder if you really listen to the sermons?  Can you hear the mocking tone that Weinland uses to address his critics? (And this is not the first time he’s done this.)   I expect that you probably don’t have ears to hear and will claim he wasn’t mocking.  Or you’ll just come up with a rambling explanation about how that’s OK, even though you said he doesn’t do that.

Ron had a similar riff earlier in the sermon, about 25 minutes into the current version of the recording.  Speaking of Jesus:

.. and people who are trying to find fault, and they were constantly trying to find fault.  We’re very accustomed to that.

You know people continually trying to find fault, trying to find something that’s said that they can find fault with.  That they can twist and distort, and they think they have a heyday.  Things that are written in the books, that they think that they have absolute understanding of.  They believe that certain things haven’t happened and they don’t get it.

They don’t understand the fast that took place.  They don’t understand God’s will and why God has done things the way he has.  They don’t understand the 50th truth.  They don’t appreciate, they don’t like those things.  And so they say, it’s like “nyah, nyah, nyah, we know”   So they’re just like little kids, playing games. And they don’t understand, they don’t see God. And you can’t give that to them.

But I do understand.  I understand that the 2-day fast was a ploy.  PKG was instructed to pray for death and destruction so people would be humbled and repent so God could show mercy.  If you don’t believe me, listen to the sermon of Jan 31, 2009. When none of the death, destruction, humbling, and repenting materialized, Ron then characterized it as God showing mercy, no mention of the lack of people being humbled and repenting.

And I do understand the 50th “truth”.  It was a desperate ploy, showing signs and lying wonders so that Ron could hang on to his flock and make them forget his promise to quit preaching if the 1st and 2nd trumpets weren’t powerfully and abundantly clear by July of 2008. At first PKG was to wait until Trumpets of 2008, but Ron quickly determined that PKG wouldn’t wait and had to deliver the sermon the following Saturday, 3 months ahead of schedule.

During the sermon, Ron went mentioned Jesus’ admonition to “pay unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s”.  Also stated that those who don’t pay their taxes are crackpots.  I expect that we’ll soon be finding out whether the IRS has determined Ron to be a crackpot by his own definition.

It seems that Ron’s allergies are getting more severe.  In the past Ron has instructed that visitors to Cincinnati should not wear perfumes and colognes because of sensitive people there.  Now he is instructing that people should not wear them when he comes visiting.  I wonder if someone were to attempt to do in the end-time Witness by throwing perfume on him, would he be drowned in a vat of perfume? (… he must in this manner be killed)?  😀

Aaron, before you try to paint this as a death threat by me on Weinland — no it isn’t.

More Acts to Follow

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Columbia MO today.  His elder Shawn Christal apparently has figured out how to pray properly for proper functioning of the Internets as there were none of the glitches experienced on past visits.  And we got to hear Speedy Sam stumble through the closing prayer.

Ron has done some plotting and planning to stretch things out.  Ron is still singing the same song about the 2nd trumpet that he was singing on Mike McConnell’s show just over a year ago — we might not have “nukular” explosions for another year, or even longer.  A number of 45-90 day periods since the first trumpet blew for the second time on Dec 14, 2008, and more to go.

030503-N-6197C-002The baptism ceremony has been modified so that it can be done mass production style.  Under the old ceremony, the inductee is pushed under the water by the officiating elder (Ron stays on the side of the pool) and then after coming back up the elder lays hand on the inductee and prays.

In order to allow 100 elders or so to baptize hundreds of thousands of people, or even millions, the baptism ceremony is modified.  One elder will be able to baptize dozens of people at once, as the inductees will immerse themselves as the elder calls out synchronized dunking.  After which, instead of providing individual attention by actually laying hands on the inductee during the prayer,  the elder will pray over the group and then have them walk by so he/she can tap them on the head.  Reminds me of my first day of military service.

Ron has reviewed the validity of baptisms performed in other groups outside of PKG.  According to his new rules, any baptism will be invalid which was performed by any other group after Pentecost of 1998 when the church was reorganized with Elijah-to-come Ron leading it.  The only groups performing valid baptisms before that date would be the United Church of God and the Global Church of God, and WCG prior to the abomination of desolation on Dec 17, 1994.  For those unfamiliar with these organizations, UCG was formed by ministers who left WCG after Tkach’s apostasy of 1994 and Weinland was in UCG until May of 1997.  Global CoG was formed by Rod Meredith prior to Tkach’s apostasy — Global is now defunct as it went down the tubes after Rod Meredith abandoned it and its debts in a power struggle taking most of the members with him into the Living CoG.  In a moment of irony, Weinland stated that Flurry’s Philadelphia CoG was invalid because it is headed by a false prophet.  Gee Ron, how do we know that what Flurry has prophesied is false?  Maybe it’s true, but just hasn’t happened yet, huh?

According to Ron, the book of Acts is not complete as it will need to be expanded to record events within PKG.  He said that the ranks of the elders would swell to 700 eventually as some of those baptized within WCG prior to the opening of the first seal on Dec 17, 1994 join Ron’s church.  People of that pedigree would be eligible to become elders.

It looks like Ron has mined out those with a doomer mindset that can be sucked in with an expensive Google Ads campaign, and is now looking to “the scattering” for fresh meat.  Ron, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.  I pointed out to my mother, who having been baptized in WCG well before 1994 is quite eligible, that she could be ordained an elder.  Her reaction was somewhat south of enthusiastic. Ron, not everyone is impressed by the signs and lying wonders of the Son of Perdition.

All this baptizing will be going on while the US conquered by the beast power, and Ron will be in Europe interceding with the beast to allow his followers to keep the sabbath. Next he’ll be calling himself Moses. “Let my people go!!” (Ron, let your people go.) I wonder if Ron’s exit will be advanced should the IRS put a case together soon.  Ron’s Witness powers are not to be used for trivial things like proving that he actually is a prophet of God.  But they can be used for issuing curses against mockers like myself for a speedy death.  Which I must have experienced shortly after he issued his sentence on me 64 weeks ago, because after all Ron is a true prophet of the God of Abraham.

Speedy Sam

Aggie left a comment on another post

Back when I was running the WW, an anonymous source passed along the interesting hearsay that PKG elder Sam Q, while he was a deacon in my source’s WCG congregation, actually went to jail for some type of fraud, possibly to do with real estate. Sam allegedly told church members at the time that he had fallen in with a bad influence, and that he was blameless (but of course), …….

I have found some reliable corroboration for this hearsay. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Thursday, November 30, 1989:

St. Louis: A banker from Shelbina, Mo., pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges that he made false loan applications at Madison Bank in Madison , Mo. A federal indictment returned in August said Keith Mayes , who had been the bank ‘s chief operating officer, processed loans in 1984 for himself and Sam Qxxxxx, a business partner. U.S. District Judge George F. Gunn Jr. said he would sentence Mayes on Jan. 9.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Saturday, February 10, 1990


St. Louis: Samuel D. Qxxxxx of Madison, Mo., was sentenced Friday to six months in a halfway house for making false loan applications at Madison Bank, in Madison. Qxxxxx and a co-defendant, Keith Mayes, pleaded guilty in November. A federal indictment returned in August said Mayes, who had been the bank’s chief operating officer, processed false loans in 1984 for himself and Qxxxxx , a business partner. Qxxxxx was sentenced by U.S. District Judge George F. Gunn Jr. Mayes is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Further corroboration from typing Sam’s name into the search boxes at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator

Name                             Register #   Age-Race-Sex  Release Date  Location

SAMUEL D Qxxxxx     21813-044   71-White-M     07-11-1990    RELEASED

SamQ The name (including middle initial) and age match that of a Sam Qxxxxx who lives in Columbia, MO (about 60 miles from Madison, MO) and who is also one of Weinland’s elders. I have redacted Sam’s last name so that someone Googling his name won’t end up on this post, but I expect that despite doing this and the sources I have that I will be accused of lying, twisting, and distorting.  Sam has an amiable grandfatherly presence as can be seen of this photo of him at the Last Feast organized by COG-PKG back in 2007.

A six-month sentence suggests this may have been a misdemeanor, which is also the case for a simple traffic violation.  But a false loan application is a bit different than going 5 MPH over the speed limit, which Sam also did and then some in 1984 when the national speed limit was 55 with a Missouri traffic ticket for exceeding 70 MPH, as reported by the Missouri court record web site. If the specific federal violation was of 18 USC 1014, Sam could have been sentenced to 30 years in prison and fined $1,000,000 which would make it a felony and Sam therefore a felon.  Despite Sam’s conviction for financial misdealings, there’s no indication that he has any involvement with PKG finances other than paying Ron his tithes and offerings and whatever pitcher-breaking he did before the first failed timeline.

So Sam joins Greg and Al as one of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s elders known to have or have had legal difficulties.  And Ron and Audra as well.  Any more? So much for the qualifications in COG-PKG for religious office given in 1 Timothy 3.

A Plague of Butts

hotelFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland is in Cincinnati this weekend. The formaldehyde fumes from the new carpet came close to shutting down the services, yesterday.  Which would have been relief from yet another boring sermon.  Ron went on one of his rants against those who throw paper towels on the floor in bathrooms, adding on those who throw cigarette butts on the street.  Perhaps he now regards being a litterer as worse than being a mocker.  When it came time for him to rant against his mockers, he just made a vague reference about lying websites which criticize his now demoted spiritual idol, Herbert Armstrong.  Ron asks why are there websites critical of HWA 24 years after his death?  What I’d like to know is: why is that incestuous lying con man and false prophet is still revered 24 years after his death?

atriumThis weekend is the training session for all the new elders.  I thought it would be nice for all the PKG members who were not able to attend to be able to see the location for this conference.

This hotel has a nice atrium which can also be used as an area to serve meals, such as the buffet which the new elders participated in after the riff raff was chased out at 12:30.  I wonder which catering options (200KB PDF File)starting at $17+service charge + tax they chose.

More photos below the fold.  Thanks to the elder who let me know where they are meeting this weekend.

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Broken Pitchers

elder_houseAl, who is one of False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s Cincinnati area elders, is undergoing a personal great tribulation.  He is currently being sued twice — one of the lawsuits is for a foreclosure against his business property.  His 18-year-old business owns a co-located vehicle body repair shop with a house usable as an office which is on the market for $269,900.  Hopefully he will be able to close a sale on it before the judge bangs his gavel and sends the sheriff to put him on the street.

During the fall of 2007, Weinland asked his members to show Total Resolve for his prophecies.  In his November 3, 2007 sermon, Weinland mentioned his own $381,000 house and stated:

And I think of all that equity in there, it’s not going to serve anybody any good whatsoever.  Serve the church in a very powerful way.  The more we can do as a group, those of us who are running down together, those of us who are part of the 144000.   If we have the means and the ability …  Don’t do it right now either.  Someone asked me this last week here, “If I withdraw a certain amount right now, I’m going to be penalized, by taxes and so forth.”  But see when January or February come around you’re not going to be penalized. (snorts) The following year you don’t have to worry about it too much, do you?

Al is old enough to have a WCG background and would thus being eligible in 2008 to be sealed (Feb 2) and resealed (Sept 30)  as part of the 144,000. Weinland often mentioned the example of Gideon and his army of 300 that sneaked up on the Midianite camp and defeated them, and described them as “running down the hill” (which they didn’t do, they crept quietly) and “breaking their pitchers” as a metaphor for what his members were to do, by cashing in their 401Ks and the equity in their homes.  Since the US was going to be down the tubes by 2009, not even being able to inaugurate a new president, the IRS wouldn’t be around to collect taxes.  Too bad for Weinland that the IRS is not cooperating with his prophecy even through they probably know all about it.

In his May 3, 2008 sermon, Weinland stated:

So if anyone who gave above and beyond – I just want to add this too, so you can examine your place and what you did.  Because I know how the human mind is, I know that some gave offerings that aren’t normal.  I hope that if there are some that are regretting that, having second doubts about that, I want to say something right now, real clear to you.  Ok .  I’ll return it.  Those of you who have given 10 thousand, 20 thousand, 50 thousand, 80 thousand, 100 thousand, and more because there are those of you who fit in those categories. Above and beyond normal tithes and offerings. But you need to let me know before Pentecost. Thought I’d give a week, I thought “no” I’ll just say it “’til Pentecost”.    Otherwise, to understand,  you are saying that you’re in full agreement of those monies being used fully to whatever I deem necessary.  Because we’re going to continue moving forward, putting everything into what we’re doing.

In a later sermon, he stated that the only request came for refund of tithes and offerings from an ex-member.  At another point in the 5/3/08 sermon:

We hit over a million dollars at one point. But we’re way below that right now. We’re not there any longer because of all the monies we’re throwing into Google, and everything else we’ve been doing. But for a small group like us to be able to do something like this, like we’ve been able to do on the Internet, to be out there, for people to be able to do a search and here we pop up, being this small?

And yet at another point in his May 3, 2008 sermon:

So if you didn’t believe that you have any mortgage payments after April the 17th, or you didn’t have to pay off your credit card, then you made a mistake! You know. You can’t blame me! I don’t know how long some of this is going to take place. Live life wisely.

elder_garageThis statement was only a few weeks after prophesying “nukular” explosions within 45 to 90 days after April 17, 2008.  Indicators are that Weinland did not throw down his own pitcher as did his members–he’s still paying the property tax on his $381,000 house directly to the county instead of through a mortgage company.  I expect that if he’d refinanced the equity from his house that the mortgage company would require him to pay into escrow.

Weinland, as he often does, has shifted all of the blame to the member for whatever happens to them as a result of throwing down their pitcher.  So I wonder how expensive the pitcher was that this elder threw down to light the torch of Google advertising for Ron’s fictional book “2008 God’s Final Witness”.   It’s sad that he’s losing this modest family business which was also the employment for another of Weinland’s elders, Tom, who has the same last name.  While Weinland blames the economy, and I expect that played a role in this situation, I also expect that pitcher-breaking also had a lot to do with it.  I wonder how many other PKG members are similarly suffering, but I doubt that Ron and Laura are among them.

Ron, when you respond to this by accusing me of lying, twisting and distorting, be specific.  Be very specific.  And no twisting and distorting of your own.

Women and “The Curse”

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has a new post up on his WordPress blog.  Here it is for your convenience, and to provide for an opportunity to comment on it since he understandably turns commenting off.  I’ve added a [few quick comments of my own].

————–Ron Weinland’s Post  —————————————————————

The last posting on this site addressed God’s current revelation to the Church about His “Elijah to come” at this end-time. As was stated, that commission has been given to me to fulfill in its completeness and not as a “type,” which was partially fulfilled in John the Baptist and in Herbert W. Armstrong. God is now going to bring both rolls [sic] of these previous “types” into a complete and final fulfillment that ushers in the second coming of His Son as the Messiah (the Christ-the ordained ruler) over all mankind.

This posting cannot cover all of the exciting revelation that God is giving concerning what His purpose is and what is meant by the expression of “restoring all things” in the commission of the end-time Elijah. It is about a “work” that God is doing in and through His human instruments, primarily through His Church.

In order to receive a far greater understanding of the inspiration, plain truth, and excitement of what God is now revealing, I am encouraging every one of you (if you have not already done so) to listen to some of this new truth as it is covered far more thoroughly in the sermon on Dec. 26, 2009, entitled, “Restoring All Things,” and in the current sermon series entitled, “Ordinations & Baptisms.”

Finding Fault:
The numerous groups that have formed from the scattering that took place during the apostasy of the Worldwide Church of God in December, 1994, are busy responding to what God is currently revealing to the Church through me as His end-time Elijah. They are quick to find fault in order to belittle and ridicule what God is now revealing.
[Can anyone find a response from other than mine and a few other blogs? (None of which are part of  “the scattering”.]

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A Full Deck and a Joker

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke from Portland today, continuing on the theme rolled out in last week’s sermon, that of new ordinations including women.

JokerCardDuring the sermon, Ron indicated that this latest rubbish will be organized as new numbered truths:

  • #51: Ron is the final Elijah-to-come, John the Baptist and Herbie were only “types”.
  • #52: Removal of the curse of Eve from women, restoring them to the rightful place in the family
  • #53: The ordination of women is allowed

According to Ron, credit for the new truths is given to the Silent Witness who pointed out certain things.  Perhaps Laura will be promoted to Apostle as a result.  While he hasn’t posted these new “truths” on his website, he has done a little editing on two of the first fifty “truths” which I have marked to indicate the added words and deleted words.

Edits to Truth #30

Matthew 24 is first and foremost about the Church at the end-time. It is not about physical events in the end time, although these are a type of some of the events that will occur. As Jesus Christ gave prophecy concerning events that would lead to His coming as the Messiah, he first spoke of events that would occur in the Church (vs. 4-21). These events have been believed to be about physical events that would happen on earth, but they are about the Church.

God has now shown that there is a duality concerning both the Church and the world that applies to verses 21 and 22. All these prophesied events in Mat. 24 lead up to the time of the very coming of the Messiah to this earth (vs. 29-31).

Edits to Truth #39

Herbert W. Armstrong was a “type” of the prophesied “Elijah to come,” as he who restored all truth essential to salvation to the Church of God during the Philadelphia Era.

Ron has yet to edit his FAQ page which indicates that he is a God-denier just like Rod Meredith for not recognizing Herbert Armstrong as the prophesied Elijah-to-come.

Ron warned that people will lose friends after ordination.  Not because the ordained one changed but because friends become jealous as happened to him.  Riiiiggghhht.  I’m totally sure that Ron did not change even an iota when ordained as a local elder in Houston back in April of 1981.

Ron announced that 57 members had been ordained over the past couple of weeks (or would be shortly) including 31 women.  My count of the names that Ron announced was 58 (including the 3 evangelists’ wives announced last weekend) and 59 if you count Willem Henderson who was promoted to senior elder.  But Ron is the one who has the minor in math so my count must be incorrect.  Far be it from me to twist and distort.

Ron only gave first names, because of all the crackpots, kooks, or absolute liars out there who like to twist and distort.  If you are one of those, then stop reading since I have last names for most of the new elders.  And if you know who any of these crackpot, looks, and absolute liars are who like to twist and distort about PKG members, please leave a comment identifying them.  Names in bold are full elders, others are associate elders:

  • Florida: Newt Carter and Diane
  • Georgia: Larry Spivey (who edits Ron’s books),  Paul and Doris Giles, April Young (mother of Paul), and Alan Giles (son of Paul)
  • Pacific Northwest: Bill and Diana Carr, and Jim Sullivan.  Also Tina Jamieson, wife of senior elder Jim Jamieson
  • Tennessee: Gerald
  • Detroit: Stan Watson, Helen Terlecki, and Parker (Terry’s 23-year-old son).  Helen and Parker have been associated with Ron since 1995.
  • Mississippi: Lori Williams, who is Laura’s friend
  • Los Angeles: Dottie Smith
  • Sacramento, California area: Russ Shoemaker
  • Lubbock, TX: Fredda Maeker
  • Louisville area: Linda (Cookie) Fields (wife of elder Curtis Fields), Beverly VanNorman, and Tony Blair
  • Illinois: Lynnette Eckhardt
  • Buffalo NY area: John, Richard & Marie, Bonnie, Bob and Donna Madison
  • Maine: Vicki (Vicki Snowdeal passed away from cancer last spring.  But I guess there could be another Vicki from Maine in COG-PKG).
  • Dallas: Glen Gagas
  • Missouri: Dee Wobbe
  • Utah: Debra Tiernan
  • Belgium: Mieke Van Lerberghe (wife of elder Gijs)
  • Netherlands: Edwin Van Horne
  • Germany: Jeremy Weinland (Ron’s 24-year-old son)
  • Alberta: Eric and Kalee Wiesman
  • Manitoba: George Black
  • Australia: Peter Herrmann, Derek Mendygral, and Zoran Illitch (translated Ron’s books to Italian)
  • New Zealand: Rex Blake
  • UK: Una Milne (wife of senior elder William)
  • Cincinnati region: Jenny, Patty Dalrymple (wife of senior elder Stephen), Tim Brown, Joey Shockey, April Combs, Sandy Bays, Willy and Lois Doemeland, Tom and Barb Volle

To round things out, Weinland’s daughter and church bookkeeper Audra L. Little is to be ordained as senior elder.   Perhaps this status will help her if she goes from being a potential IRS criminal investigation target to an actual one.  The IRS performs extra reviews on a case against someone with a religious title prior to recommending prosecution to the Department of Justice.

If anyone has any corrections or additions to this list, any misspellings, please leave a comment or email me.  I don’t want to be accused of twisting and distorting.

My verse of the day is Romans 12:14 which reads:

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

Ron forgot about that one 54 weeks ago when he issued his death curse against me to die speedily from the inside.

Ron Vs the CoG Leaders

At a couple of points during Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s sermon last Saturday, he took pot shots at some of the leaders of competing CoGs.  He dug up some old copies of his News Watch magazines from 1998 and 1999.  From the sermon:

[Reading from page 5 of the Jan ’99 issue of News Watch]”The large organizations will no longer be functioning as they are today.  On the contrary, even now they are nearing their end.”

[Commenting extemporaneously] Now people can mock and make fun of that.  1999 – Hah, they’re nearing their end.  A lot truer today than it was then.  How near is near?  Ten years?  Eleven years?  Is that not near?  Amazing how human beings are sometimes, now haughty human beings are.  Some who like to poke fun at and make fun of some of what is said in one area of the thunders about certain leaders of the church.  It’s coming.  It’s coming.  In God’s time.  According to God’s will.

The “area of the thunders” Ron referred to is the first phase of the fifth thunder of the 6th seal.   During the first phase of the fifth thunder, Rod Meredith, Richard Ames (both of Living CoG), Gerald Flurry (Philadelphia CoG), David Pack (Restored Cog), and John Ritenbaugh (CGG) were to die early on.  This is all described on page 107-108 of 2008 – God’s Final Witness and offered as a test of himself as a prophet “How much more specific can one be to show that he is either of God, and indeed His prophet, or someone who has clearly stepped over the line to be dealt with by God in a speedy manner. Time will tell! And, you don’t have long to wait!

As described in 2008 – God’s Final Witness “This phase of the Fifth Thunder is one of my own choosing, which God has granted me as part of His own will and purpose for the Church”.  Well, it’s over 3 years since the book was released in November of 2006, and over a year since the 6th seal ended for the second time, and we’re still waiting as none of these accursed CoG leaders are dead.  Not mocking or making fun of, just pointing out something for those who have eyes to see.  God didn’t grant Insane Lying False Prophet Ronald Weinland anything.

Ron wasn’t done.  He took additional pot shots at John Ritenbaugh for counting Pentecost a week differently a few years.  And then he went on to mention a “minister from Missouri”.

Ron started his globe trotting with a trip to Europe in November of 1999 using Steve Dalrymple’s air miles.   Ron mentioned that during that trip he used Benjamin and Grace’s home in greater London to conduct a Bible study which was attended by a number* of people including Phillip Burman who is still one of Ron’s elders.  The group in the UK now is fewer than 50, most of whom joined in 2007 and 2008 after Ron started promoting his book, so I doubt that very many of those attending Ron’s Bible study went with PKG.  Any friendships that Benjamin and Grace had with others in that small group are now ended by edict of Sheriff Ron.  * (According to Saturday’s sermon, 19 people were at the meeting in London in 1999.  According to the sermon of Dec 5, 1999 there were 12 people including 3 children.)

Ron continued on in last week’s sermon:

“It was at this time [1999] that we invited that minister from Missouri to be there during Thanksgiving while we were away.  And while we were away, the mice did play.  Because they started hatching up division while we were gone, while we were in Europe.  And they began to spread things around a bit here and there.  And they began to talk amongst themselves.  About what I was doing and I was their minister and I should be there and I shouldn’t be anyplace else and I shouldn’t go anyplace else, because he’s our minister.  And basically he should do what we tell him to do.  Little did he know what God was

While Ron was in Europe, he missed two sermons.  On November 20, 1999 Al Buchanan delivered a sermon titled “Children of the Light” to “the Church of God” in Toledo.  Al Buchanan was the minister of the Belleville CoG (a suburb of St. Louis in Illinois).  By all accounts, Al is not an empire builder.  In fact a few weeks after this last Feast of Tabernacles he stepped down, stating that he felt his little CoGlet was encouraging division within Armstrongism.  This just points up Ron’s paranoia.  Ron, just because you’re plotting doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

On the other hand, it was just over two months after Ron’s first European trip as a prophet that he seized control of the Church of God Inc from its lay board during January and February of 2000. Ron the cat swallowed the church whole and spit out the mice.

During Ron’s sermon this past week, he quoted from various issues of News Watch.  Here’s one potshot against CoGs that he didn’t quote.  From the June-July 1999 issue on page 3 (336kB PDF Download):

Today some believe they are to give a warning witness to Israel.  What a puny effort we see.  If and when God gives a witness to Israel, more than He already has, you will know it.  Israel has already received the height of a warning witness given through the Philadelphia period of time, and they rejected it.  That is a witness against them!

The next witness will be obvious. It will be when God needs no Church to help sponsor nor support itThere will be such miraculous events accomplished at that time that much free publicity will be given. The work of that witness will consist of such newsworthy events that it will be widely reported in this world.  There will be no need for an organization to sponsor such efforts.

That future witness to Israel will be one that reminds them of the earlier witness they refused during the Philadelphia era.  It will tell them why they are then suffering once the physical tribulation has begun.  It will also be a message to the whole world of what is soon to follow – the Kingdom of God on earth with the soon coming of Jesus Christ as King of kings.  That job has been set aside for two to accomplish by the power of God.  No church organization is going to do it, and no individual is going to be able to set himself up as God’s apostle to do it. It is for the two who are yet to be sent by God.

Ron sure doesn’t skimp on his irony pills.  Ron, here you have it.  It’s all your fault that the Great Tribulation hasn’t started.  You don’t need the COG-PKG.  Turn it over to Johnny and strike out on your own exercising your awesome Witness powers.  When you and Laura are on your way out of town to call down plagues on world capitols, Y’ALL can stop off to breathe fire on that nasty IRS special agent who keeps serving Audra with summonses.