Is This What All the Fuss Was About?

In June of 2009, Ron Weinland spoke at Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity.  As one of the presenters, Ron was invited to stay for the several-day event and even planned to attend a luncheon hosted by Znaimer on the sabbath after the event.  But a following presenter so offended our most formidable prophet that — as Whisper explained in a comment on the last post:

But nothing can stop the chosen one with his shield and armor of God. Like the times when Ron went on radio talk-shows and…. oh ya he does not attempt such any more. Well he was able to take a very dangerous trip to Canada and… oh ya he bravely ran away from that encounter with a terribly powerful comedian. Well then, he uses his awesome Witness powers to… ah… hmmmm, I guess not.

Ron fled the conference, and later wrote a letter to Moses Znaimer alluding to a curse on him.

I found a YouTube video of most of the presentation by the offender, Rick Miller.  This was the presentation as repackaged for a half-hour show on Canadian television.  At 2:10 into the video as Rick get up to speak, looks like the Two Witnesses were sitting in the audience together a couple of rows back.

In my opinion, Rick Miller’s message seemed to be more critical of those who took over the Jesus story and made it their own.  Perhaps Ron was really offended that Rick got the standing ovation he thought he was entitled to.

We have a variety of readers here. What’s your opinion of Rick Miller’s presentation?

The Radio Church of Ron

Over the past several years, False Prophet Ronald Weinland has conducted a number of interviews on single-market talk shows to promote his books.  He had an interview a few weeks ago, but refuses to post an audio of it claiming that it’s boring. (Ron, I don’t mind — listening to your sermon last Saturday was the epitome of boring).  He also was interviewed on Toronto radio as part of promoting his appearance at Moses Znaimer’s ideaCity last June, but no audio of this is available either.

The last interview audio of Weinland available on the Internet was conducted over a year ago, on March 6, 2009 on WLW’s Mike McConnell radio program.  It is available as an 18 MB MP3 download from the WLW website.

At about 4 minutes into the interview, we have this exchange:

Mike: What happened December 14th? (of 2008)
Ron: December 14th was when the first trumpet of the last 7 trumpets was blown.  There are 7 trumpets that are going to be blown, the second one is when nukular devices will go off in this country.  And even back then, just before April I told you in that particular interview that we would have a period of about 45 to 90 days.  That also has changed.  That has been extended to possibly up to a year.  It’s going to depend upon how people respond this year. …. We have a period of time in this country, we are going down the tubes.

Then about 14 minutes later at the end of the interview, Ron started backpedaling when Mike set out to confirm this — which is fast even for RRonLauraon.

Mike: When’s the next event that I can look for that might fall into line with your belief system here?
Ron: Well, it’ll be nukular weapons going off here in major cities in the United States.
Mike: Within a year.
Ron: I’m not going to give you a time frame.
Mike: You said God might give us as much as a year.
Ron:  That’s right.  He might give you as much as a year.  He might give you a little bit more.  It depends on your response.

Mike McConnell did respond to Ron, and we must all thank him because due to his response, God gave us a little bit more than a year, so far.  And I suspect he’ll give us even more.

So Sunday was the expiration of yet another prophecy.  And last month was the refailure of yet another.  In his book, Weinland prophesied the downfall of the US no later than June 21 of last year (6 months after the fall season of 2008).  Later Weinland stated that the 8-month delay of his 1335-day timeline from Feb 2 until Sept 30, 2008 changed everything.  Eight months after June 21, 2009, actually 241 days later, was Feb 17, just a few weeks ago.

Are there any readers who live in the Cincinnati area who could call in and suggest to Mike that he have Weinland back on to talk about his prophecies? (WLW contact page).  Maybe Mike could discuss some of Ron’s extra-curricular activities and new titles with him.

A Little Sixth Thunder

Tonight (Friday Night) at 11:30 Eastern time, the Canadian network Vision TV is broadcasting False Prophet Ronald Weinland’s ideaCity performance.  But I must disagree with the PG rating  And the Spokesman Witness was featured in this article in the Dayton Daily News.

According to reliable sources, the end of the world is coming on May 27, 2012. Or, on a much more optimistic note, Dec. 12, 2012.

The earlier prediction is from Ronald Weinland, a northern Kentucky minister who, according to his own modest confession, was made a prophet by God in 1997. Prior to becoming a prophet, God had made him a salesman in the petrochemical industry.

The article seems to have been researched on my Ronald Weinland Biography page.  The Sixth Thunder (growing recognition of Weinland as a prophet) is increasing in volume as amplified by this article.

And thanks to this post on Ambassador Watch, the Sixth Thunder has also rumbled a little louder on this blog from all the referrals sent my way.  Thanks to Gavin for featuring me.  And thanks to an anonymous wag commenting over there for finding this prophetic picture.  Will this prophecy turn out like Ron’s do? Or will it come true?

Ron’s Coffee Cakes

For a change, False Prophet Ronald Weinland stayed in Cincinnati this weekend. In honor of the occasion, his son Jeremy and daughter-in-law Patricia have traveled from Germany for a visit.  Ron and Laura have plenty of room for visitors in their mansion on the golf course.

In honor of Ron’s being a fan of Starbucks, Libby made him a couple of cakes in the shape of Starbucks coffee cups last week while in Dallas — both standard size and Texas size.  Hopefully Libby’s marriage to Bo which was quickly promoted by impending end-time events is turning out well.

Weinland’s long-time elder Terry Wrozek has been nearly caught-up, having lagged behind others promoted ahead of him.  Perhaps he got rid of some sin in his life, or maybe he completely cleaned out his 401k for Ron. Terry was promoted to Senior Elder a couple of months ago. And now finally Terry is the third of Weinland’s evangelists. However, Johnny Harrell has been promoted to Senior Evangelist above him, and Laura still outranks both of them as Prophetess. Still several layers of authority between Evangelist Terry and God — although it’s not clear whether Jesus and God have their own layers or are on the same one with Ron.

Ron mentioned increases stress levels and a stirred-up spirit world. He had a hard week and doesn’t know if there will indeed be a Feast of Tabernacles in a few weeks. He also mentioned that the apostles had been imprisoned. Perhaps this is an indication that the IRS may soon make him an imprisoned prophet.

Here is a clip of Rick Miller’s presentation at ideaCity. Perhaps Rick’s twisting the arm of Ron’s brother is what sent the formidable prophets fleeing.

And here’s a clip of Tom Harpur’s presentation at ideaCity immediately following that of the Spokesman Witness, which also didn’t make our end-time prophet and prophetess very happy. Can anyone identify the woman in the audience shown between 43 and 49 seconds in this clip?

It’s now 37 weeks since the Insane Lying Lunatic cursed me to die speedily from the inside. Only 3 more before the big 4-0.

Make Your Bed on the Sabbath

explorer500_xlFalse Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Bowling Green yesterday, on the way back from Nashville where he was getting one of his toys adjusted.  Since the feast of 2007, Ron has had a satellite Internet terminal which he can use to deliver sermons.  He played with it a bit on his Total Resolve Mediterranean Cruise right after the 2007 FoT.

Satellite Internet doesn’t come cheap — the entry plan is $40/month and bandwidth charges are $6.49 per MB on top of that.  With a sermon MP3 running about 20 MB, do the math.  And that’s on top of paying for the equipment.  But it may be worth the price in order to be able to continue shepherding sheriffing his flock even when on the run.

Indications are that the sheep are restless.  Ronnie is complaining that a spirit of Laodicea is settling in among the new people. He urged them to “fight for the truth” and not give up after only a few months of unfulfilled prophecy.  Many of his recent recruits are younger people attracted by the keywords Ron uses in his Google ads.  This is the demographic Ron needs to cater to, in order to continue to pay his retirement costs into his old age.  He’s already mined those in “the scattering” who gave all they had to secure a slot among the 144,000.

Ron mentioned one young person who was lost as a recruit.  It seems there is a relaxation of the policy where all questions from potential recruits are referred to the website up until the recruit pays tithes and promises that they are keeping the sabbath.  Laura is getting involved, trying to bring some of the younger ones along.

Ron referred to his revelation of the 50th “truth” in June of last year.  There were repercussions to Ron for having announced the failure of his first timeline but leaving the announcement of the 50th truth as a teaser for the Feast of Trumpets.  There was murmuring and even wrath among his followers immediately following, which led Ron to reveal the 50th “truth” as soon as possible — the following Saturday.  Of course people could simply have read my blog where I announced the 50th “truth” the same day Ron indicated there was one.

Even though certain chores such as yard work and vacuuming are not performed on the sabbath, we are to make our bed on the sabbath.  I’d be in trouble because I never make my bed.  On the other hand according to a story I’ve heard, Ron will make his side of the bed if he gets up before Laura.  Not a story I could or would verify, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Moses Znaimer has an answer to Ron’s diatribe up on his ideaCity website.  Dill Weed broke the story with a post on his blog.  Ron is not inclined to accept Moses’ offer to continue the communication.  Moses passed on responding to Ron’s veiled threat of spiritual wrath, even though he’s probably unaware that it’s been 34 weeks since Ron issued his death curse against me.  Moses, given the effectiveness of Ron’s curses, you’ll probably live to host the 50th ideaCity.

Ron Curses Moses

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has just posted an open letter on his blog to Moses Znaimer of ideaCity. Here is a copy of it:


This is the letter I sent to Moses on the 21st of July:

Dear Moses,

It is with genuine gratitude that I want to thank you for the opportunity to have been a presenter at ideaCity. Long before the actual event, I was receiving very positive and helpful communication from your staff. Once my wife and I arrived in Toronto, we began to meet more of your staff members who were also exceptionally helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic. Then, on the first morning, we had the opportunity to meet even more staff members who continued with that same excellent helpfulness, care, and concern for our presence at the conference.

My purpose in writing to you is twofold. First, I wanted to thank you and your staff for making us feel so very welcome. Secondly, I must tell you why I could not return after the first morning of presentations.

The first few presenters were interesting, thought provoking, and they tied in well together, even with part of what I addressed in my presentation. Everything was fine to this point. I understand offering diverse thoughts and opinions, as with the gentleman who followed my presentation who espoused the belief, through intellectualism, that “God never wrote a book” and how he believed in the fallacy of what was written in scripture. As God’s prophet for this end-time, I know such ignorance is all too plentiful on earth. [Weinland is speaking of the ignorant Tom Harpur, author of “The Pagan Christ”]

However, a couple of presentations later, you gave the stage to a man who was “supposedly” a comedian, but sadly, the content of his message was so revolting, perverted and blasphemous that I found it incredulous that you would have given such recognition to something so hideous. For me, this is one of the most distasteful experiences I have ever had in my whole life. It is not my purpose to pass judgment on you, but to explain to you why I found this presentation so harmful to what I had believed was a more noble purpose for ideaCity. [Speaking of Rick Miller]

Perhaps you could try to put yourself in my shoes for just a moment. Indeed, as I said in my presentation, I do not expect you or that audience to believe I am God’s end-time prophet.

However, I would think that you might at least consider that I am very sincere about the warning I gave and that I have a deep conviction and passion about the message I delivered. Having said this, I would think that you might then understand that what I experienced (and hopefully, a few others might have experienced) was one of shock and dismay that ideaCity would allow such a presentation to be given. Tolerance and diversity do have their limits in life, even in this world.

There is no example I can give to reveal the magnitude of what this was like, but consider what it might be like if I had a brother, and he was one who was known for his tireless efforts to promote peace, give monetary aid, and influence the promotion of medical assistance to underdeveloped nations (due to his great wealth, political influence, and known humanitarianism). In time, my brother was murdered by terrorists and then drug through the city behind a jeep until only some few bones and flesh remained. Then, a few months later, ideaCity hosts a comedian who mocks the death of my brother while I am in the audience. Jesus Christ is my brother and you sponsored a comedian who mocked his death in front of me.

Out of conviction and conscience toward my brother and Father, I could not return in the afternoon, nor could I participate in anything further that would show any kind of support for ideaCity. To me, participation of any kind after that would have meant I was condoning what was presented.

Since I have no idea about your beliefs, I do want to say that the Eternal God, the God of Abraham, who I spoke about in my presentation, does not take this event lightly. This is not a small thing that such mocking of His Son was given audience at ideaCity and that you personally sponsored this. It is my hope that you come to see the magnitude of the severity of your decision for what occurred and that you will pursue God’s mercy in this matter because of what it will mean to you personally if you fail to do so.

Most sincerely,
Ronald Weinland


Ronnie doesn’t allow commenting on his blog. But I do, and this is your opportunity to comment on Ronnie’s fatwa.

Time Is Up

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in San Jose today.  The attendance there was enhanced by people who traveled long distances to be there, as had a couple of the San Jose area who’d traveled to Los Angeles several weeks earlier.  Never pass up a chance to see the End-Time Witnesses doing their jobs live and in person.  Despite the extra attendance, Ron had to give his own closing prayer.

Ronald Weinland icSince this was another sermon devoid of prophecy, we’ll discuss Ronald’s appearance at ideaCity a month ago.  He started his presentation with a warning:

Some of the things I have to say are extremely controversial and I in no means want to offend anyone. But the things I have to say sometimes are taken that way.  And the message I have is not a pleasant one.  It is toward the end if you understand, but it isn’t toward the beginning.

And I do have great passion about what I’m going to be speaking about, indeed.  And I hope that you will take away from this meeting things that you hear today because I don’t expect you to believe what you’re going to be hearing at this point in time.  But there are things going to take place very shortly now where when they begin to take place, I hope that these things will come back into your mind, the things that you hear here today.

As I was going through the biographies of those who are going to be presenters here,  One of the things that struck me quickly was in the bio for myself, where it said that I am an “armageddon forecaster”  A forecaster is one who predicts events for the future. [Ron blathers about Daniel]

There hasn’t been a prophet come to the world for nearly 2000 years now.  But I am just that.  I don’t expect you to believe it, but I am an end-time prophet. And sent with a very strong message, one that I would even ask that at the end of this that you not applaud.  Because it’s not a thing to applaud, what I’m going to be telling you.

[Ron spends several minutes babbling about the Hubble telescopes, billions of light years, etc]

We are now in a period of time at the end of 6000 years, that God has given to mankind to rule himself. [Spends several minutes discussing empires, governments, etc]

God has an incredible plan for mankind and we are now at that time where he is going to reveal more of it to us.  We have already started a period of time called the great tribulation, or a time of tribulation on the earth.  It’s already begun, especially in the United States, and people don’t see it yet.  It’s a time referred to in both the old and the new testament as “time, times, and half a time”, 1260 days, 3 and ½ years.  And it’s marked by some horrific things that are going to take place.  Because billions are going to die.  It’s not a pleasant thing to think about.  It’s not a pleasant thing to think that could even happen.  But God is going to reveal and show to mankind once and for all that we cannot govern ourselves.

[Expounds on technology]  God gave technology….. billions are going to die

We are at a time,  the end time.  The next great thing to happen is going to take place is in port cities, in some port cities in the US there will be nukular weapons that go off. That will be the time for you to bring back into your memory and to your mind the things that you’re finding very hard to believe here today.  That’s called the 2nd trumpet, and the 7th seal has already been opened.  [I’m sure that explained things to everyone — 2nd this and 7th that.]

The first trumpet is about a beginning demise in the United States and the economy of the United States.  [Ron should have read the book “2008 God’s Final Witness” which states: “When we are told that a third of all plant life will be destroyed, that is exactly what it means.“] And you in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, western Europe, most of the world frankly, in great ways are tied into the greenback, the dollar.  …. This is the end.  …. and if God didn’t intervene when it’s all said and done, we would destroy ourselves.  … And the stock market, one day it’s going to crash, finally.  … The United States is prophesied to be the first great nation to fall.  As I heard the song here today “Oh Canada”, I had to look down at the floor.  Because I know, I believe with all my being, I know what’s going to come to pass, and I know the outcome of Canada.  And it hurts.  It hurts.  [It’s the economy, stupid.]

There’s coming a time very rapidly here, when we come up to a time that’s referred to as the 5th trumpet.   And Europe is prophesied for the 7th time to have a great revival, called the Holy Roman Empire.  The 6th was during the time of Mussolini and Hitler.   The seventh is quickly coming.   Same countries as a whole, same ones involved again: Germany.

[blathers about British Israelism] we’re brothers

Because God is going to use the same nation, Germany, who are the ancient Assyrians to do again what they did before.  There are going to be ten nations that are prophesied to arise out of Europe who are going to be given great power, once again, one last time, on the earth.  And they’re going to do it because they’re going to see the demise of the United States, a vacuum that takes place.  And they’re going to do it for different reasons than what Hitler did because they feel they have to do this in order to stop a great breakdown in all things taking place throughout Europe. So they’re prophesied to rise once again here, and do the things that they do and start WW III.

They do it again, because going back in time [blathers more about British Israelism, which was humorous to some.]

China and Russia and the far east, it says they have a year and a month and a day that they prepare to confront them.  And they begin to take their pieces in the world, in South America and Africa and other places.  … And they engage Europe.  And it says they’re going to destroy a third of all human life.

And that brings us up to the time of Armageddon a few months later down the road.   ….  And those nations instead of engaging in a nuclear war…   He intervenes on that last day, because they come together in an area called Megiddo, … a time called Armageddon, …. and he destroys all the armies that are there from Europe, all the armies from Asia, and so forth.  And also their governments and their countries. And finally the good news.  The one who is Messiah, the one who is called the Christ.  …. He takes control.  He is in charge of that great army that destroys all those that are come together in Megiddo.

Because Weinland had spent most of his 20 minutes blathering about billions of light years and British Israelism (listing the modern day nations of Israel more than once), he did not have time to explain the imposition of God’s kingdom and the wonderful world tomorrow.  Instead, he ended with “Time is Up”, leaving the good news as about yet more destruction.

This would be the largest live audience Weinland has spoken to at least since Feasts of Tabernacles during the glory days of WCG.  If you count people listening in via electronic connections, still larger (ideaCity also provided electronic connections, with video to boot.)  Unlike reports that Ron sits when speaking these days, he did stand but it was only 20 minutes.The audience was silent during his presentation, and despite his earlier request gave him polite applause despite what they were thinking, such as a twitterer who tweated:

ronald weinland at #ideacity09 is a nutjob. crazy buzzkill.

There might also have been some reaction the mike didn’t pick up.  According to an article on the site:

One man, who was convinced that sharks are the most misunderstood of all species, predicted that by 2048 our oceans will be lifeless. And then humans will begin to eat each other. But that was OK because another man proved that the Bible says the world will end on May 27, 2012. One wag actually cried out: “What time?”

One person whose time is not up is myself, still criticizing and mocking a false prophet 30 weeks after he cursed me with a speedy death.