The Swiss Bank of Weinland

In January of 2003, Ronald Weinland traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to open bank accounts investing in euros and Swiss francs. (Hyperlinks for iPod and iPad users who can’t access Flash) Jan 4, 2003 (mp3)… That’s why we’re going, as I mentioned last sabbath, that’s why I’m going to Switzerland next week, two weeks.  To put monies in the church over there, into Swiss francs and into euros, to give us time.  There’s going to be a period of time where we’re going to be able to continue function.  I’m going to tell more when we come to the sermon about Two Witnesses about why we’re going to do some of that even more so.

Weinland Swiss Bank
Swiss Bank of Zürcher Weinland

Could this be a picture of the bank he chose? This bank is located in Rheinau, about 10 miles north of Zurich’s airport. Why would he chose this bank housed in a rather plain building? Raiffeisenbank Weinland is located in Zürcher Weinland — I’ll let you ponder that for a bit. 24, 2003 (mp3) There are times when I – I marvel.  I marvel at how fast the euro has grown.  I marvel at about what economists are saying it’s going to do this year We put a tidy sum over in Europe for a purpose and for a reason because of what’s coming, to continue on in the church.  To continue to support or to give.  Whatever God leads us to give at that time.  And we’re going to put more over there now.  Because the chief economists in this country are saying right now that we’re just beginning this process of seeing the Euro grow in strength and power.  Do you know where it is to this day?  We’ve already made around 25, 30 thousand dollars in a few month’s time, just by putting that money over there.  Astounding. Astounding.  We should’ve put a lot more in.  (Chuckles) But that’s what it’s all about.  Not just helping us to  prepare for things in the future that ought to shock you that this dollar is going down the tubes

The previous statement is from his sermon delivered in Portland, Oregon before a live audience of fewer than two dozen people (some of whom traveled great distances to see their spiritual idol). Weinland never put a copy off this sermon on his web site and did not send out cassette tapes as he normally did. If Weinland invested $290,000 in euros at $1.06/euro in January of 2003, then in May of 2003 at $1.17/euro that investment would be worth $25,000 more. Or if he invested $300,000 at $0.72/Swiss franc in January then in May at $0.78/Swiss franc that investment would be worth $25,000 more. So it seems that no matter how he allocated the funds between euros and Swiss francs, he put around a third of a million dollars in the Swiss accounts and certainly more than the $200,000 he mentioned on Dec 28, 2002. As a reminder, it is not illegal to have a Swiss bank account. What is illegal is failing to report to the US government your foreign accounts over which you have signature authority by June 30 of the year following, should the balance of all your foreign accounts exceed $10,000 at any time during the year. Which is obviously the case regarding Weinland’s accounts, but it is not known whether he filed his FBAR forms as required to report his accounts. Each of us will have to assess for ourselves how likely it is that he did comply with the requirement. 21, 2008 (mp3): We have some monies in Europe that are set aside.  I’m just going to be real blunt with everybody.  Because there are those who find fault with us, in the world.  And even with our government.  OK.  That we are doing things in a certain way and we always have because everything we do is about God’s church.  OK.  So much so that we have tried to diversify various things.  We put money in Europe a long time ago, several years ago.  In Switzerland.  And we intend to use it.  Or in Switzerland or somewhere.  God’s Two Witnesses.  We started putting money there before I knew that’s what it  was all about, and what was going to take place.

Weinland has claimed a membership of 300 for several years prior to 2008. If we estimate his revenue from each member at $2000 per year considering tithes and offerings, that works out to a total of $600,000 per year. Church operations would not use much of this, considering that only a few locations meet regularly in rented facilities. The costs to operate a website and provide Internet streaming audio and mail out cassette tapes are minimal. The rental of a facility for the Feast of Tabernacles could be costly but would be reduced according to the number of people who rent rooms in the hotel. I find it quite plausible that he could accumulate such a fund. I also understand that there was a special fundraiser to initially fund these accounts.  I wonder if he had someone as a second signature on the accounts, maybe Laura?  Or Audra, COG-PKG bookkeeper?  Or maybe even Jeremy, who now lives in Germany. But you have to wonder: Why would the end-time Two Witnesses with special witness powers need a Swiss bank account?


Urgent in Ron’s Mind

A sermon file of interest came to my attention recently. In particular, an excerpt of it which I’ve transcribed below. You can also click on the player to listen while you read and double check the accuracy of my transcription.(Hyperlink for iPod and iPad users who can’t access Flash).

False Prophet Ronald Weinland speaking in his sermon titled “Planning Ahead” on Dec 28, 2002:

Also as a matter of keeping the church informed, I wanted to share something else with you.  Some of you I just mentioned beforehand here about Jeremy having an opportunity of going over to Austria this year. He’s going to meet up with some who came over from the feast from Holland and Belgium. And they had invited him to come over. Well, we just happened to take a look at some of the flights over and got a real good deal for him to fly over there. And so he’s going to go skiing.

The reason I’m mentioning that is because — backing up here, about a year ago when Laura and I went over to Belgium and to England, we also took a side trip which I haven’t mentioned to the church, I don’t believe I’ve mentioned to the church anyway, but we took a side trip to Switzerland. And one of the things, primary things motivating some of that was the opportunity to go to a bank there and talk to a banker for some time. We picked out a particular bank. Talked to them about the possibility of transferring funds over to Switzerland.

Because of considering some of the things that are going to come to pass and knowing what’s going to happen to the United States, and being convicted of those things, I started looking at some of that. It’s not just as simple as opening up a bank account like you live here in the United States. It’s much more complicated.  They gave me a book to read, basically. And I’ve gone through a few things there, discussed it with the elders. And they gave some different suggestions which I was very thankful for.  And that’s why we come together like that because as a council of elders for the purpose of counseling and listening to what they have to say and considering those different things, and looking to God’s spirit to lead, guide and direct us.

But anyway, Laura and I were going back again this year.  We’ve already scheduled to go back for Pentecost again this year to the same places. And we were going to go on down there to probably open up an account. But since Jeremy was going over in January, it became a little more urgent in my mind that we need to get this done quickly.  So we’re going to go on over there — I’m going to go over there. Laura’s not coming, but I’m going to fly over there to Zurich, straight to Zurich, and talk with a bank there. Possibly the same one that was in Geneva that I talked to, but it will be different people obviously but may be the same banking system. But talked with some in Geneva about opening up an account there in Zurich, and then flying back over and meeting up with Jeremy and flying back with him.

But I wanted to share that with the church, asking you to be praying about it.  Because we’re talking about maybe putting quite a bit of funds over there. We have quite a bit to work with, and haven’t known what to do with it. But it may be for a purpose of what’s coming.  We don’t know what’s coming, and in may be for a purpose of helping to sustain some things in the church. And it may be for a purpose of continuing doing some of the things we’re doing, being able to travel. An so we’re even going to try to get a credit card out of that, that allows us to go anywhere in the world and use those funds. Terry Wrozek had mentioned the possibility of something like that. So we’re going to check into that to be able to use those funds.

I wanted to share with you something else, because I don’t want to hold anything back. It’s going to be in my name, as well. It’s not going to be in the church’s name. So if someone hears about something like that, I didn’t want someone think “What are you going to do, take off to Europe? Whatever, these 200,000 or whatever over there?” No. We don’t want the church’s name involved. It’s going to be a personal account because Europe when it comes to religious groups and so forth, they’re not real keen on some of those things. So when we do transfer the monies we’re trying to think of different ways to put it in there.

We’ll probably put a lot of it into euros, some in Swiss francs. Nothing in US dollars. And that’s not to scare the church that people ought to be doing the same thing. Because it’s going to come down to this is just strictly, I believe deeply whether it would be for us or someone else that’s going to be able to use that money later on. And we have to plan ahead and think accordingly and I believe that’s what God is leading us and guiding us and helping us to think about and consider.

But this doesn’t mean it’s panic time for people in the church to wonder what to do with funds and so forth. The reality is that when things happen you’re going to have to rely on God, period, first and foremost in your lives, in your families, in your homes, and where ever you are. Because it’s not going to be a pretty picture on this earth. And it will be a total reliance , as we heard last sabbath, on God to bring us through these things. And that is a reality, it’s just a reality of life.

Of particular interest is that cassette tapes of this sermon were not sent out, as was Ron’s practice back in that time frame. The sermon tape of the prior week delivered by Paul Worth was sent out, and so was the tape of the following week’s sermon. The audio quality of this recording is consistent with one made at the other end of the teleconferencing hookup that Ron used.

As a reminder, it’s not illegal to have a Swiss bank account.  It is legal to have foreign bank accounts, but if the sum of your balance exceeds $10,000 (as did Ron’s accounts), you are required to file an annual FBAR report.  What are the odds that Ron did that?  The penalties for failing to file the FBAR can be quite severe. The penalties possible include:

  • a civil penalty of 50% of the account balance, or $100,000 (whichever is greater)
  • a fine of $250,000 and a 5-year prison sentence

Did I get this recording from a disgruntled ex-PKG member? No, not at all. Actually, I downloaded it myself directly from the PKG website. This recording was put up on the website in the last few months.

I’m wondering why Ron had Jeremy put this recording up. My speculation is that IRS Criminal Investigation is getting closer to a prosecution recommendation (or maybe it’s already happened), and that Ron is throwing himself under the bus to protect Laura. The important part is his statement that Laura did not go with him to open his Swiss bank accounts. I’m skeptical that such a legal strategy would work. Obviously Laura knew that Ron was doing this from this statement that was public within the environs of PKG back then. And I expect that Laura signed the annual 1040 tax returns since then, Schedule B of which requires one to list foreign interest sources.  We also have Ron’s statement that Team Member Laura handled their finances.  So much for the “innocent spouse”, so I doubt that releasing this recording would protect Laura legally.

I’m interested in your reactions, and your ideas as why Ron had this previously undistributed sermon posted now for the entire world and IRS Criminal Investigation to download.

Weinland’s Capricious God

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Cincinnati this weekend for, as Jack puts it, the annual excuse fast.  According to Ron, last year’s two-day fast was a historic event to be long remembered, as it induced God to show mercy by delaying the tribulation.  That’s his story and he’s sticking to it, with no mention of the prayed-for death and destruction that was to occur from an increase of the thunders.

Thunders which he now states are not his, and were put in the book to give people a hard time, to trip, to find fault, to stumble where they will.  But on page 111 of “2008 God’s Final Witness” Ron wrote “These thunders are largely a matter of my own choosing, which God has given to me since I am His spokesman and the one who will stand before Him to the whole world during this end-time…. All Seven Thunders are given as God’s proof that I am His end-time prophet.”  Ron insisted that everything in his book would happen, but the timing had changed.  But on page 4, he stated “The proof of the validity of my first book, and now this one, is in the timing and the destruction that follows, exactly as both books describe.”  So now the thunders are not his, but God’s and were given to trip up a few critics? Does anyone see the irony in the following statement from Ron’s sermon? “I can’t tell you how much I loathe and I hate the spirit of justification.” Dill Weed has lot’s more to say about this.

Several minutes before the end of the sermon, Ron went on a rant about the hypocrisy of government, exploiting young men sent off to war.  The rant morphed to “And this government is sick in those things.  They’d like to shut my mouth.  And they’re working hard on it.  They only do what God gives them to do.  And they’re going to hear that a whole lot more as we go forward when God gives greater power.” Sounds to me like the IRS criminal investigation is not going well from Ron’s point of view.  So 60 weeks into the Great Tribulation and he still doesn’t have his Witness powers? Hmmm.  Hopefully what God gave the IRS to do will shut him up.

Ron’s rant continued on, switching to his critics.  He addressed us directly, asking what we wanted to save for “the new age” that we don’t believe is coming, but hypothetically speaking.  For myself, a utopian millennium would NOT include prideful, self-justifying false prophets who exploit those silly enough to follow them.  He continued on, accusing his critics of twisting and distorting and stirring up dirt and mud.  Ron, if you think I’m twisting and distorting, be specific — what exactly?  As far as the “stirring up dirt and mud” bit, I think he’s just trying to establish a defense for his followers who find out about the well documented existence of the IRS criminal investigation.  Or perhaps what set Ron off was my pointing out that he is the Son of Perdition.

Weinland ended his sermon and rant with a promise that his critics are about to learn a harsh lesson.  Ron, is “about to” any sooner than my quick death from the inside you cursed me with 59 weeks ago?

Weinland’s First Overseas Trip for 2010

False Prophet Ronald Weinland has updated his published itinerary to include a trip March 27 through April 6 to New Zealand and Australia for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.

Given his usual pattern, we could expect a trip to Europe for Pentecost, another trip “down under” for the Feast of Tabernacles, and one or two more European trips late in the year.  I wonder if the tithes and offerings of the overseas members pay for the travel expenses for the Two Witnesses and whomever else they decide to bring along with them.

I also wonder if the Son of Perdition realizes that the statute of limitations clock stops ticking whenever he’s out of the country, giving IRS Criminal Investigation that much more time to build a case against him.

Against Nature

Lion 250False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Los Angeles.  Even though he was speaking in the second largest metropolitan area in Manasseh and had people attending from San Jose, Utah, El Paso, and Arizona, as well as elder Ralph Dowd, evangelist Terry Wrozek, senior elder Ann Wrozek, and someone from the UK, the spokesman witness was able to speak to everyone present without sound amplification by having them move the chairs closer together.

Ron is looking forward to the elders training session at the end of February.  He cautioned his members that they should not travel to Cincinnati that weekend expecting to socialize with the new elders.  Nor should they stay in the same hotel with all the new elders, as they need to concentrate on learning their new duties.  I can state your duties very succinctly: refer every question to the FAQs on the church website and if that doesn’t work, pass the issue on to Ron.  Although Ron did pass the funeral for a member who died this week to senior elder Steve Dalrymple — I guess Ron’s too busy writing blog posts during the week to travel a couple of hundred miles.

SLioness 250urprisingly, Ron did not mention the tragedy unfolding in Haiti due to the severe earthquake experienced there.  But maybe not so surprising, since he’s switched from prophecy to the wonders of new doctrine.  Looks like we’ll have to wait until Feb 6 for the next dose of new “truth” from God’s end-time Elijah-to-come.

Ron continued on the topic of relationships between the sexes, and their “rolls”.  (“Roles” to the rest of us.)  According to Ron, it’s against nature for a male to have long hair and for a female to have short hair.  So here’s a little quiz.  Of the two pictures of the long-haired and short-haired animals shown on this post, which is the male and which is the female?  Check your answer here.

Now only 123 more weeks for Ron to tap dance for his members before the non-return of Jesus Christ.

A couple of notes:

Restoring All Things

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was a few minutes late getting started since the hall in Orlando needed to be rearranged.  During the announcements, he mentioned Tyler, a child in New Mexico who is undergoing treatment for leukemia.  I view it as a positive sign that he is being given qualified medical care and hope it works for him.

Ron made a point of not giving Tyler’s address as there supposedly are crackpots and weirdos out there who like to stir things up.  That sort of thing does not happen on my blog.   I have not published any of the addresses that have come my way, including that of the false apostle and has-been Elijah.  In fact, I’m not aware that it has happened anywhere except for a couple of incidents in comments which were quickly deleted by the website management. So Ron, whom are you talking about?

During the sermon, he railed against mockers and critics, who seek to destroy Ron and his church with lies and deceit.  Ron, I would like to see your false ministry end, but my means are to show the truth.  As I’ve said before in an email to you which you probably deleted, if I’ve said something on my site that’s not truthful then tell me what it is so I can correct it.  Rather, you impugn what I’m doing because you’re afraid that if more of your members read my site then even more will leave.

dangle_carrotAt the beginning of the sermon, Ron said it would be on the par of his sermons at the 2005 Feast of Tabernacles at which he presented his unique (at least among Armstrongites) doctrine on the origin of Christ.  First he read part way through his blog posting, and then diverted to the new topic.  After reading verses from Acts 8 and Acts 19 about the laying on of hands after baptism possible only by ordained ministers, he announced that there would be additional waves of elders.  These would be termed as associate elders, whose job it will be to baptize the hordes of people wanting to join PKG due to the fulfillment of Ron’s prophecies, which although they didn’t happen when he said they would, they will eventually.

I speculated in my last post that the status of Laura would change.  Its turns out that it has in an indirect fashion.  Laura no longer is the only ordained female in PKG.  It turns out that sleeping with an evangelist gives one spiritual qualities, as Angela (Ann) Wrozek and Myrtle Harrell were ordained by Ron as senior elders last week in Georgia.  Then Ron called Wayne Matthews in Melbourne who then ordained his wife Christine (Chris) as the third senior elder.  More men and women will be ordained as associate elders.

And Laura does have a new title.  She no longer is a prophetess.  She now is a prophet.  Ron objects to the second-class status of women, although they still will not be able to speak during services.

Some of the sealed who are older and physically not capable of performing the baptism are ineligble to be ordained.  Now this doesn’t quite make sense.  If lay members can help in the dunking part, then all they have to really do is the laying-on-of-hands part.  But why am I expecting anything Ron does to make sense.

But adding more elders including does make sense to me.  It binds the ordained ones closer to Ron so they’ll continue to ignore the failure of Ron’s prophecies. Ron plans an elders conference in Cincinnati on February 27 for training.  Ron promises more waves of ordination.  And who knows?  Maybe 20-something Tony Wilson who runs the HWA Compendium website will get to be an elder too.

Ron took time to rail against mockers and critics, who are trying to weaken the church with lies and deceit and who are being eaten up with cancer from the inside.  Now that was his curse in his first timeline — Ron, you said 53 weeks ago that I was to die quickly from the inside.

Compelling Audra

US Federal Magistrate Judge Wehrman ruled today on the government’s motion as described in my last post to compel Audra Little to provide testimony to the IRS.  Prior to the court hearing, Audra filed an affidavit stating:

1. My name is Audra L. Little;

2. My father, Ronald E. Weinland, is the subject of a criminal investigation by [the IRS];

3. I am aware that [the IRS special agent] has contacted me, as well as other friends and family members, employees and/or acquaintances of my father.  Moreover, several of these individuals have advised me that [the IRS special agent] has referred to me as a “potential target” in her investigation.

Audra’s lawyer filed a response to the government’s motion stating that due to Fifth Amendment considerations:

Without a grant of immunity the Respondent (Audra) should not be compelled to testify herein.

In the opinion issued by the court, Audra does not have the right under the Fifth Amendment to refuse to to appear and testify before the IRS.  However, she is still able to assert her Fifth Amendment rights by refusing to answer specific questions that may incriminate her.  But questions that incriminate only Daddy must be answered.  The court issued an order compelling Audra to appear before the IRS special agent to testify in response to the IRS administrative summons.

Audra, Audra, Audra.  What’s the problem?  Your daddy teaches that one should pay their taxes to civil government.  And being a Christian, he wouldn’t have broken the ninth commandment when he filed his 1040, would he?  On second thought, filing a fraudulent tax return is not bearing false witness against one’s neighbor.  So lying is not sinning then, is it?  But how about the seventh commandment?  Or is that which is Caesar’s not really Caesar’s, but Daddy’s.  Because after all whatever he has is God’s.

My expectation is that today’s court ruling is not the end of the case.  Audra will probably appear before the IRS special agent in response to the summons as ordered by the court.   And then she’ll assert Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer each and every question asked of her, requiring further litigation.

As Daddy Ron would put it: “Delay, Delay, Delay.”  Delays and Audra’s daddy go hand-in-hand.  Delay of the Great Tribulation.  Delay of the fulfillment of the first phase of the Fifth Thunder that was to prove that Audra’s daddy is a true prophet of God (the deaths of 5 specific ministers).  And delay of my promised speedy death from the inside from the curse the Spokesman Witness issued against me nearly 48 weeks ago.

A Possible Ending for the IRS Criminal Investigation of Ronald Weinland

This post is part of a series discussing IRS criminal investigations in general and possible outcomes. It must be emphasized that particulars to Ronald Weinland’s case are speculative. The existence of the IRS criminal investigation does not mean that Weinland is guilty of any crime — that can only be determined in a court of law.  However, it must be recognized that Weinland exists within a unique group.  According to this excerpt from some training material:

The Government does not detect most tax crimes; perhaps more counter-intuitive, the Government does not prosecute most tax crimes it detects. The Government has a limited budget for investigating and prosecuting tax crimes. Throughout the United States, in any given year, on average less than 4,000 tax crimes will be prosecuted. Many of these tax crimes are prosecuted as adjuncts to prosecutions for other offenses (such as drug offenses or money laundering). So, there will be less (significantly less) than 2,000 pure tax prosecutions a year.

Once IRS Criminal Investigation accept a case for someone suspected of tax evasion, the investigation will be focused to prove the three elements necessary for a criminal conviction (IRM

  1. tax deficiency (has to owe taxes),
  2. affirmative actions of evasion (did something to evade paying taxes), and
  3. willfulness (knew what was being done was illegal).
Weinland's Motion to Quash IRS Summonses
Weinland's Motion to Quash

Some investigations are conducted using grand juries which can issue subpoenas. The alternative is an administrative investigation which is conducted by an IRS special agent. This appears to be the case here as evidenced by the administrative summonses issued for Weinland’s financial records which Weinland moved to quash (PDF files). The advantage of an administrative investigation for the IRS is that the evidence produced can be used in assessing civil penalties while evidence produced by a grand jury cannot be used for that purpose.  The disadvantage is that administrative summonses are not automatically enforced as are subpoenas.

There are various methods of proof including looking at the investigation target’s assets and expenditures as compared to reported income. In addition to administrative summonses to obtain financial records, IRS CI can use other standard investigative techniques such as surveillance and interviewing witnesses. According to an IRS Special Agent: “This pursuit has involved questioning witnesses at all levels of society, examining offshore records, conducting search warrants, performing surveillances, analyzing tax returns and bank records, traveling to foreign countries, reconstructing shredded documents, and conducting trash runs.”

IRS criminal investigations are typically quite lengthy. The average is 412 days or about 14 months. But this average length would include the easy cases where the target folds or makes damning admissions when confronted by the IRS. Since Weinland has lawyered up, I suspect the investigation will take longer, perhaps two years. Someone convicted of a criminal tax violation wrote: “It was 3 ½ years from my first meeting with CID to the day I was sentenced.”  (Hmm, a 3 ½ year period — sounds familiar.)

There are statutes of limitations for various tax code violations which set a time limit after which legal proceedings in court can no longer be initiated.  A three-year limitation applies for some offenses and for others six years, which is the case for tax evasion. The statute of limitations clock begins on the latter of the required filing date (typically April 15) or the actual filing date if later than that.  The clock restarts if an amended return is filed later. A 3-year statute of limitations for tax year 2004 had already expired before the investigation started, so it must be for a crime with a 6-year statute of limitations such as tax evasion.

The statute of limitations tor tax evasion for the tax  year 2004 expires no sooner than 6 years after the April 15, 2005 filing date or in April of 2011. However, the statute of limitations clock stops ticking for Ron whenever he is out of the country. As much as Ron travels overseas it could be late in 2011 before an indictment would be needed to beat the statute of limitation. And should Weinland flee prosecution, the clock stops ticking until he is captured. Once a complaint is filed with the court, the statute of limitations is extended at least 9 months past the date of filing. Conceivably, the trial might not start before Weinland is not killed in the streets of Jerusalem and not resurrected at Christ’s return on Pentecost of 2012.

Based on Weinland’s statements in his sermon of July 5, 2008 about spiritual battles and Satan lashing back along with the issue dates marked on the summonses beginning the following week, I suspect that the investigation began in May or June of last year and that the IRS confronted him during the week following his “50th Truth” sermon of June 28, 2008. With a two-year estimate for the investigation, the IRS Special Agent would write up a report about a year from now. Several months would be spent reviewing the case within the IRS including reviews by the Special Agent’s supervisor and IRS Tax Counsel. An additional review will take place because Weinland is a member of the clergy. During the IRS internal review, the taxpayer may be offered a conference to indicate why he should not be prosecuted. I hope this would not happen, as I personally view Weinland as a flight risk. He could flee to Germany or another foreign country as he’s suggested. Or he could have one of his deluded followers in North America hide him out.

After the IRS review, the case is referred to the Department of Justice’s Criminal Tax division for review. After DoJ Criminal Tax reviews the case and accepts it, it is referred to the US Attorney in the federal court district where the prosecution would take place (probably the Eastern District of Kentucky). Should the US Attorney decide to prosecute, then a grand jury must return an indictment for a felony charge before a trial can proceed.

Typically a trial is conducted with a jury as a trier of fact which must return a unanimous decision for a conviction.

Should a conviction be obtained, then a sentence must be determined. The penalty for each violation can be as high as 5 years plus a fine of $100,000. Since each tax year is considered a separate violation, Weinland’s sentence if convicted could be as high as 20 years plus a fine of $400,000, and he also would be expected to pay the costs of prosecution. Since Weinland has no prior felony conviction as far as I know, his sentence could be a fraction of that depending on how much tax was actually evaded.  Under the sentencing guidelines, he could be sentenced to between 21 and 27 months if the amount of tax evaded is $80,000.

Here’s a possible speculated timeline (but not a prophetic one) for the investigation of Ronald Weinland:

  • January, 2008: A civil tax audit of Weinland’s 2006 taxes begins. This audit finds irregularities and is expanded to include tax years beginning with 2004 and eventually a referral to IRS CI is made.
  • May, 2008: IRS Criminal Investigation accepts the case for investigation.
  • June 30, 2008: IRS CI confronts Weinland, enjoining the spiritual battle.
  • July 5, 2008: Weinland speaks of Satan lashing out, and great spiritual battles.
  • July 8-21, 2008: Twelve administrative summonses are issued to third parties for Ron’s, Laura’s,  and The Church of God Inc’s financial records.
  • July 29, 2008: Weinland files a motion to quash the administrative summonses.
  • September 2008: The motion to quash is settled. The IRS agrees to drop their request for financial records for transactions after 2007, and Weinland agrees to withdraw his motion to quash the summonses.
  • Summer, 2010: The investigation is concluded and IRS CI generates a case report.  This report undergoes a review within the IRS.
  • Fall, 2010: After  the IRS’s internal review, Weinland’s case is referred for prosecution to the DoJ Criminal Tax division.
  • Winter, 2010-11: Criminal Tax refers the case to James Zerhusen, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky.
  • Spring, 2011: An indictment is obtained. Weinland is arrested and arraigned. The prosecutor persuades the judge that Weinland is a flight risk and he is required to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet as a condition of granting bail.
  • Fall, 2011: Weinland goes on trial. COG-PKG members pack the courtroom.  Weinland’s attempt to delay the procedings by taking a page from HWA’s 1979 playbook and holding religious services in the courtroom are not tolerated by the judge.  Weinland’s Witness Powers are ineffective against the prosecution witnesses who leave the courtroom un-singed and with their insides intact. Weinland is convicted and sentenced.
  • Winter, 2011: Weinland delivers his last sermon before reporting to prison. He comes up with a new prophetic scenario to allow him to resume operations after his sentence is over. While Ron is in prison, Laura Weinland exercises her office as Prophetess over the church. Ron gives her instructions during prison visits to be relayed to Johnny Harrell, Wayne Matthews, and Terry Wrozek who are to deliver the sermons in rotation so that no one person can take over the church.
  • May 23, 2012: Weinland is not killed in the streets of Jerusalem
  • May 27, 2012: Christ does not return.
  • Winter,2013: Weinland completes serving his sentence, and comes up with the next prophetic timeline featuring himself and the Mrs. prominently as the Two Witnesses.

Again, it should be emphasized that this discussion is speculative. (The only dates for events and non-events mentioned of which I am certain are July through September 2008 and May 2012) The case could be dropped at numerous stages along the way: internally by the IRS or within the DoJ including by the US attorney. Should the US Attorney decide to prosecute, an indictment must be issued by a grand jury. All this before even going to trial, at which a jury must unanimously determine his guilt.

At a criminal trial Weinland enjoys a presumption of innocence when it comes to being found legally guilty. A jury must be unanimously convinced of his guilt. With the evidence I’ve seen (actually none) I would have to find Ron legally “not guilty” were I a juror on his case. (But I would prefer the terminology “not proven guilty”.) Then again, there would be quite a bit of evidence I’ve not seen were the case to actually be brought to trial.

Since I’m an interested observer rather than a juror, I can say that I see it as entirely plausible that he is guilty. I base this on various statements by Weinland himself including the admitted existence of a Swiss bank account (even though that in itself is not illegal) and his co-mingling of personal and church expenses on his credit card.  I also consider it plausible based on his arrogance when confronted with the $381,000 cost of his mansion — “I could have spent more”.

I just hope for the benefit of potential followers that if Weinland is guilty he will be convicted and receive a lengthy sentence. As far as his current followers, they will rally around him as Armstrong’s followers did during the 1979 receivership crisis with WCG. I imagine they would pack the courtroom and glare at any witness the government puts up to testify against him. At one time, I hoped the court would not impose a fine on Weinland, as it would ultimately be paid by his followers.  But in reconsidering, I think that would be a better place for their money than to finance the next version of his prophetic delusions and suck in yet more followers.

Ron wouldn’t be breathing any fire on the prosecutors or their witnesses despite their efforts to injure the end-time Witness of Revelation 11. Just as I still have not yet died speedily from the inside to fulfill the curse he placed on me back in December.