Yet More Prophetic Days to Worry About

I’ve posted several times about James Malm.  James put out a prophetic timeline involving the 1335 day interval between Trumpets of 2008 and Pentecost of 2012 well before Ron did.  But unlike Ron, he quickly within a day or so of Trumpets acknowledged that it wasn’t the one.  Then three months ago I posted about James Malm’s latest prophetic speculation which has today, Oct 19, as a significant day.  I emailed James this weekend to ask: Continue reading “Yet More Prophetic Days to Worry About”


Yet Another Prophetic Date to Worry About: Oct 19, 2009

In the past I’ve blogged about James Malm who had a prophetic timeline structured around the same 1335-day interval between Trumpets 2008 and Pentecost 2012 that Weinland is using for his current timeline.  Yesterday, James and Thielogical Bob have had a contretemps going as described on Bob’s blog and and on James’ website.

Malm states on his site:

We therefore expect a religious leader in Europe, to be empowered around 19 Oct 2009 and to call for a new order in Europe.  We would expect that he will do this in the name of PEACE, to provide peacekeepers to enforce the new peace agreement and to maintain world peace by providing a counterbalance to America and the Asiatic powers of Russia and China. This religious leader will become known as a man of peace, a real prince of peace. This new Roman Empire will be made up of ten independent nations with their foreign and military affairs controlled by a single leader.  By whatever title he is called, he will be an emperor.

During the exchange he had with Bob Thiel, James said to Bob:

I am having some impact and soon this will increase as these things come to pass.  I am simply offering you the opportunity to be aware of what is happening.

Also on the same web page, he said about Bob:

I am witnessing the truth to him, so that at the appropriate time, when he is humbled he will respond.

Both of these statements resound with me as being similar to statements Weinland has made in the past.  During the years leading up to the first timeline, Ron kept talking about disasters that would soon occur to give him credibility.  At the end of January, he called a two-day fast so his members could humble themselves before God and beseech him to bring about the thunders to humble the US.

At least James doesn’t have a following like Ron, and hasn’t asked them to cash in their life savings to send to him.  And back in October James promptly admitted his previous timeline was false.  There was a true statement about the future in association with that event:” Yet somehow I think that we will hear more from Malm in the future.”  (I’m the one who made it 😀 )

James would like to battle it out with Bob over interpretation of scripture, but Bob is dodging that discussion  — seems James would be better off following Bob’s own spritual idols Rod Meredith and Herbert Armstrong.  I’m not going to enter the scriptural fray either.  Too many false prophets have made much of it being so many days between a particular pair of dates — how many of them have been correct?  James’ prophecy seems to revolve around years with a 46-day interval between Pentecost and the 6th day of Unleavened Bread, which is not exactly a rare event.

It’s better to assume that a prophet is false unless and until he proves himself true.

I’ll let James have the last word on this post (that is until someone adds a comment 😉 )

Of course I believe what I say, or I wouldn’t say it. I do not make such an effort to say things I do not myself believe.  I am not so deceitful as that.  I do not represent predictions as Holy Writ nor do I claim infallability, nor do I make personal predictions in; the name of the Lord.

If Robert thinks I am a false prophet, then he MUST also admit that Herbert was one; for Herbert declared in the name of the Lord and I do not.

As far as witnessing the truth to him, I was referring to what I said in the correspondence.  This was about Idolatry and self righteousness and was not meant to be about any predictions.

The things I have said directly concerning doctrine and prophetic explanation are solid until proven otherwise.  The only thing in possible doubt for me is timing.  If these things do not happen this year, they will happen in some other year.  The scriptures will be fulfilled. As I said, I do believe what I say until I am proven wrong by events.  I do leave that door open and will acknowledge any error as it is proven.

I realize that I am not perfect and do not possess all knowledge, this is why I never declare any prediction; in the name of the Lord.   Deu 18 refers to speaking:” in the name of the Lord” and being presumptuous by declaring that our own thoughts are God’s Word.  I do not do that.  I make a clear difference between my own positions and what is Holy Scripture.

To be very clear.  At the appointed time, the false prophet will be set up.  He will call for a new order in Europe.  He will succeed within 75 days. A declaration of peace and security (safety) will come toward the end of those 75 days.  Sometime toward the end of those 75 days this false prophet will go to the Holy Mount.  A war will commence resulting in the occupation of Jerusalem and the defeat of Israel and her allies (America is obviously allied with Israel and will not let them go done. The argument about BI is irrelevant.) .  This is all Holy Scripture. It will all happen.  I stand on that because scripture declares it.

When this will happen is open to question.  To me it looks very strongly like it will happen this Autumn.  I am not prepared to state that it will definately happen this autumn.  However if it does not; it WILL DEFINITLY HAPPEN  some other year.

I make no claims for myself.  If you and Robert feel that I am a prophet, albeit a false one; that is your opinion.  I do not consider myself a prophet, either true or false.  I am just a person trying to wake up the brethren and get them thinking and questioning what they have been told. In an attempt to help turn some away from man worship and back toward God.

If I am wrong in thinking that this is the year, it will only prove my point.  Don’t rely on men, put God first. Only He knows all things.

Sincerely  James Malm