Weinland’s Fickle, Mixed-Up God

Sunday was Pentecost, just two years on the Jewish calendar before the non-return of Jesus Christ.  Being a high holy day, there was a bonus sermon, in which a few interesting things were said.  I’ve provided clips of those statements in Flash players and with hyperlinks for iPods, iPads, and other machines that don’t do Flash.

Associate Elder and son-of-the-Spokesman-Witness Jeremy Weinland gave the opening prayer.  Is it my imagination, or is he developing a bit of a German accent? http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442g
God seems to be all over the place now.  First he says not to turn either to the left or to the right. http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442g
Then he says to stop, start, turn left, and turn right. http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442g
Ron loathes people who raise themselves up. http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442g
And he can’t understand why people would leave. http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442g
He offers a unique explanation for the purpose of the Swiss bank account. http://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442g
And the absolute capper.  It seems that several vials have been poured outhttp://s2.wp.com/wp-content/plugins/audio-player/player.swf?m=1236370442g
The following is from page 133 of “2008 – God’s Final Witness”:

Seven Last Plagues The third and final woe that will follow the blast of the Seventh Trumpet is divided into seven specific events, which are called the Seven Last Plagues of God’s wrath. This wrath will be on those who still will refuse to submit to God. This wrath will crush the superpowers of Europe and China along with her allies:

Then I saw another sign in heaven that was massively great and amazing, with seven angels having the seven last plagues, for in them is filled up the wrath of God . . . Then one of the four creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who lives for ever and ever. [Rev 15:1]

Now Ron didn’t say which vial numbers have been poured out.  But in any case, he’s got things all mixed up.  The vials aren’t to be poured out until Christ returns.  Has he already returned?  What happened to everything happening exactly as stated in his book?