In the Very Near Future

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was in Dallas this weekend.  Our formidable prophet is getting lazy, continuing with the split sermons he started as he recovered from his appendectomy.  Johnny Harrell traveled all the way from Georgia to speak.  He spoke for about an hour, but the last part is missing from the sermon posted on the PKG website.  Did Johnny say something wrong?  Or were there technical problems as there were last weekend?  Actually, the problems the prior weekend were not technical.  The problems were between the Spokesman Witness’s ears, as he failed to plug in his laptop. Since God was asked in the opening prayer to look over the Internet connection, why didn’t he induce Ron to glance at his laptop and note that it wasn’t plugged in?  Ron, God isn’t with you.  Maybe you should put together a checklist so you can verify your setup.

Johnny gave a pep speech, urging PKG members to remain faithful and resist sin as there are only a few months left.  Members are being prepared for what’s going to happen in the very near future.  But then things were to start happening in 2008 and now it’s two years later.  Jesus Christ’s non-return on the eve of 2012 Pentecost is now less than 18 months away.  Ron repeated on this theme.

Ron continues to tighten the information flow.  This blog must be on his mind, he even made a mocking reference to a mocking reference.  Whatever.  Anyway, he told the Dallas area PKG members to remain seated after the closing prayer so he would be conducting ordinations.  But it seems that the Dallas area members lack qualifications, as he imported Ralph Dowd from Ohio to give the opening prayer.  Interesting.  Most long-time PKG members will probably be ordained by the time Christ doesn’t return in less than 77 weeks.


The More We Spread It, The Better It Is

During his sermon delivered a couple of weeks ago from the luxurious Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, False Prophet Ronald Weinland ordered his members to take down pictures of other members from public web sites.  It seems that some websites out there have been posting pictures from them, lying twisting and distorting.  Probably he was referring to the picture I posted of Steve Dalrymple, his senior elder who broke his pitcher in 2007 by putting his career on hold to go to work for Ron and is now looking for a job as Ron doesn’t need him anymore with the 2 & 1/2 year delay (so far) of the Great Tribulation.

The picture of Steve which I posted previously was clipped from a larger photo, shown below, which was taken during the very last organized Feast of Tabernacles before the return of Jesus Christ. The last one that is, except for every one since then. And planning is underway for an organized feast next year with optimism for calamitous events driving double membership to PKG.
I’ve added arrows to point to a few individuals in the photo. From left to right: Johnny Harrell, Steve Dalrymple, and Wilburn whose wife Fredda Maeker is one of Weinland’s elders.  By now likely a few of these individuals without arrows over their heads are elders ordained in the ordaining spree Ron started in December of last year.

Just for the record, this photo was not obtained from a public website.  Rather, it was emailed to me by the photographer.  And if anyone has twisted and distorted about Steve or another member, let’s hear the real story.

The following audio clip is from Jan 9 of this year.  In the clip, Ron is referring to my post of Jan 2 in which I printed the names (first AND last) of most of his new elders.

Ron said that I was helping PKG by publishing their names, the more I spread it the better.  Let’s help even more by publishing yet more pictures.  We should have pictures of all the PKG elders so that we know whom to contact for mass baptism in the next 18 months when the Great Tribulation comes and the Sixth Thunder finally sounds.  If you are an ex-PKG member or even a current one and have any photos of elders to share, my email address is on the picture of the mailbox on the right-hand column of this blog.

Ron’s Demise

False Prophet Ronald Weinland failed to deliver a sermon for the second weekend in a row, with Johnny Harrell filling in for him today.  The last time he missed delivering a sermon two weeks in a row was in the summer of 2005 when he had a heart attack and missed 5 weeks while Johnny and Terry filled in for him.

Rumors have been circulating, with some wondering if he’d had another heart attack or had died.  I stated in my latest posts that Ron’s illness appeared to be more than a 24-hour thing, listing appendicitis as a possibility.  As announced by Johnny at the beginning of the sermon, that’s exactly what he had.  Ron had surgery and is recovering in Australia.  As soon as it is safe for him to fly, he will return to the US.  Too bad that Ron’s appendectomy can’t be followed up with a churchectomy.  I wonder if he was able to carry out his commission to prophesy during the days he was in the hospital, perhaps not if he was able to avoid annoying the nursing staff by attempting to convert them.

Johnny’s sermon was a cheer leading session, referencing the “truths” Ron invented for the feast.  PKG members now understand the last page of the book, which states:

When this book is published at the end of summer of 2006, (with distribution in full swing in the fall), there will be a maximum time of two years remaining before the world will be plunged into the worst time of all human history. By the fall of 2008, the United States will have collapsed as a world power, or it will have begun its collapse and no longer exist as an independent nation within six months after that time. There is a marginal, six-month window of time that God has not yet revealed concerning this specific moment of time. This will be revealed some time soon after the distribution of this book begins.

He exhorted his members to endure, and to ignore all the garbage about the Church of God PKG written.  I guess he would include this website, which continues 94 weeks after his spiritual idol pronounced curse on its author for a speedy death.

Restoring All Things

False Prophet Ronald Weinland was a few minutes late getting started since the hall in Orlando needed to be rearranged.  During the announcements, he mentioned Tyler, a child in New Mexico who is undergoing treatment for leukemia.  I view it as a positive sign that he is being given qualified medical care and hope it works for him.

Ron made a point of not giving Tyler’s address as there supposedly are crackpots and weirdos out there who like to stir things up.  That sort of thing does not happen on my blog.   I have not published any of the addresses that have come my way, including that of the false apostle and has-been Elijah.  In fact, I’m not aware that it has happened anywhere except for a couple of incidents in comments which were quickly deleted by the website management. So Ron, whom are you talking about?

During the sermon, he railed against mockers and critics, who seek to destroy Ron and his church with lies and deceit.  Ron, I would like to see your false ministry end, but my means are to show the truth.  As I’ve said before in an email to you which you probably deleted, if I’ve said something on my site that’s not truthful then tell me what it is so I can correct it.  Rather, you impugn what I’m doing because you’re afraid that if more of your members read my site then even more will leave.

dangle_carrotAt the beginning of the sermon, Ron said it would be on the par of his sermons at the 2005 Feast of Tabernacles at which he presented his unique (at least among Armstrongites) doctrine on the origin of Christ.  First he read part way through his blog posting, and then diverted to the new topic.  After reading verses from Acts 8 and Acts 19 about the laying on of hands after baptism possible only by ordained ministers, he announced that there would be additional waves of elders.  These would be termed as associate elders, whose job it will be to baptize the hordes of people wanting to join PKG due to the fulfillment of Ron’s prophecies, which although they didn’t happen when he said they would, they will eventually.

I speculated in my last post that the status of Laura would change.  Its turns out that it has in an indirect fashion.  Laura no longer is the only ordained female in PKG.  It turns out that sleeping with an evangelist gives one spiritual qualities, as Angela (Ann) Wrozek and Myrtle Harrell were ordained by Ron as senior elders last week in Georgia.  Then Ron called Wayne Matthews in Melbourne who then ordained his wife Christine (Chris) as the third senior elder.  More men and women will be ordained as associate elders.

And Laura does have a new title.  She no longer is a prophetess.  She now is a prophet.  Ron objects to the second-class status of women, although they still will not be able to speak during services.

Some of the sealed who are older and physically not capable of performing the baptism are ineligble to be ordained.  Now this doesn’t quite make sense.  If lay members can help in the dunking part, then all they have to really do is the laying-on-of-hands part.  But why am I expecting anything Ron does to make sense.

But adding more elders including does make sense to me.  It binds the ordained ones closer to Ron so they’ll continue to ignore the failure of Ron’s prophecies. Ron plans an elders conference in Cincinnati on February 27 for training.  Ron promises more waves of ordination.  And who knows?  Maybe 20-something Tony Wilson who runs the HWA Compendium website will get to be an elder too.

Ron took time to rail against mockers and critics, who are trying to weaken the church with lies and deceit and who are being eaten up with cancer from the inside.  Now that was his curse in his first timeline — Ron, you said 53 weeks ago that I was to die quickly from the inside.

This Week in History

A year ago this Monday, False Prophet Ronald Weinland started his job as Spokesman Witness for the second time and also restarted the Great Tribulation.  But he’s had to restart the Great Tribulation yet again and will do so again.

Four years ago tomorrow, Ronnie declared himself to be the Spokesman of the Two End-Time Witnesses.  And 15 years ago tomorrow, Joe Tkach Sr opened the First Seal in his December 17, 1994 sermon in Atlanta witnessed by Weinland’s backup man Johnny Harrell.

Joe Tkach reprised his Atlanta sermon a week later in his “Christmas Eve” sermon in Big Sandy.  Ambassador College alumni including relations of mine were in attendance for a reunion.

Here is a clip of the first part of Tkach’s “Christmas Eve” sermon.

Thanks to J of Shadows of WCG for finding this. He has links to both sides of the first audio tape of the sermon on his blog. (YouTube limits clips to 10 minutes each).

A video of the sermon was distributed to all the local congregations in the Worldwide Church of God in January of 1995. As a result of the changes introduced by this sermon, WCG imploded with Ronald Weinland leaving WCG as minister in March of 1995 and incorporating The United Church of God – Toledo, Inc. the following month.  And the rest — is history.

Awesome Revelations

False Prophet Ronald Weinland spoke in Bloomington, Illinois today.  He drug along his elders Ralph Dowd and Ken Zitt from Cincinnati to say the prayers and help fill up the meeting room.  I wonder if he also brought along Chris and Audra as he did last week to Erie and if they again went out for hot wings after services, or if Bloomington even has such a place.

Ron is excited about awesome new revelations coming down the pike, to be delivered in about 3-4 weeks leading up to the end of the first half of his shortened time on February 6 for which a church-wide fast has been proclaimed.  Given that Ron’s new revelations involve numbers and novel interpretations of the Bible, he probably has two screens connected to his computer, with Excel on one screen to work out the number of days between different dates, and E-Sword with Strong’s Greek and Hebrew dictionaries on the other screen to select possible meanings of words which best suit him.

Ron again took a tour through history, talking about “duck and cover” drills school children were given in the ’50’s to prepare for “nukular” attacks. Stanley Rader was used in 1979 by God to defend WCG against California Attorney General Deukmejian, but no mention of the tithe and offering money that ended up in Stan’s pocket.   Ralph Dowd was ordained in September of 1986 when Ron was assigned in Cincinnati as associate pastor, Terry Wrozek was ordained as an elder in April of 1998 and Johnny Harrell during the Feast of Tabernacles held that year at Niagara Falls.

Ron repeated the mention of the trip to Europe in November 1999 and being hosted by Benjamin and Grace in their London apartment.  Also repeated his claim that 19 were in attendance in contradiction to his statement in December of 1999 that 12 were there including 3 children.  Maybe the 10 virgins were hiding in the next room making it a total of 19 adults.  Benjamin committed the unpardonable sin not only of being on Facebook but also trying to recruit other PKG members to be his Facebook “friends”.

Jan2000NWWeinland also continued his tour through some old News Watch periodicals he published intermittently from 1998 through 2002.  Issues mentioned were:

  • December, 1999 in which he prophesied that Y2K would be a non-Event, which was pretty safe at that point given the massive effort to update all the software.
  • January, 2000 in which he rolled out the new name of the church in the banner and a new PO Box to which it seems his elders had not agreed.
  • February-March, 2000 in which a 2nd new PO Box was obtained because of the split.
  • Third Quarter of 2001 which was the start of a 4-parter proving that we’re in the end times.
  • First Quarter of 2002, Ron still didn’t understand that 9/11 was the opening of the 6th seal when he wrote this.
  • Third Quarter of 2002, This was the last issue of News Watch. Shortly after this, Ron opened the Swiss bank accounts. The following year he published his 4-color booklet “Time Has Run Out” and then went on to write his books.

Ron took News Watch off his website back in 2003, but threatens to put them back on.  However, you can download PDFs of these issues now using the links above.

Near the end of the sermon, Ron indicated that he is going to exercise his newly recognized office of Apostle by adding new doctrine.  A doctrine which he announced up front is not in the Bible, either — Old Testament or New Testament. PKG members will be expected to march in formation turning to the left or right as directed by Drill Instructor Ronald Weinland.   Being an Apostle, he is entitled to invent new doctrine just like the Apostles in the New Testament.  But then the Insane Liar invented his position as an Apostle in the first place, just as he invented his position as a Prophet of the God of Abraham.  He will no longer be bound by novel interpretations of scripture, he can just make it all up.  He expects that a few will leave the church.  I hope a lot of PKG members will leave, but I expect that most of his followers will continue chugging down the Flavor Aid to wash it all down.  Wonder if this will be better than his “no Facebook” doctrine.

Ron needs to use more smoke and mirrors to distract his followers from the lack of Great Tribulation.  December 14 (Monday) is one year from the first non-start of the Great Tribulation in the second timeline.  It’s now 12 weeks since the second non-start on the Feast of Trumpets.  Since I’ve made it now 51 weeks without suffering the speedy death Weinland cursed me with, I expect I’ll be around a few more weeks to hear what amazing new bull Ron has to share.  (I would have used a different word than “bull”, but listening to the false prophet is rubbing off on me 😉 )

Ron’s “Truth” 50 Dot 1

diningThose few in attendance at the PKG feast site in Rye, VIC had a special meal after Johnny’s boring sermon in the morning.  After the meal, False Prophet Ronald Weinland started his highly anticipated and oft-advertised Last Great Day sermon by bemoaning how rapidly the last four days had elapsed.  Normally it would have been twice as long except for Ron’s cutting it in half.  There was also a  “Hi Mom” moment as Ron greeted his mother Ramona Weinland who is attending at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Ron has trimmed more than the length of time for feast attendance.  He has trimmed the length of a “time” from 360 days down to 280 days, which at 40 x 7 is a sign of God’s judgment and mercy .  The revised “time, times, and half-a-time” (or 980 days = 3.5 x 280 days) did not begin until the Monday following Trumpets of this year, and ends not at Pentecost of 2012, but rather the day before. {See my following post for an explanation of this edit}

Ron both raised and lowered expectations.  He mentioned that earthquake activity is increasing. But then Ron said that the European beast power might not arise until August of 2011, and China might not become prominent in his prophecy until 2012.  Deputy Wayne, have you found that job yet?

Ron is pulling out all his tricks to keep his second timeline alive and to hang onto his deluded followers and their tithe checks.

I prophesy yet another revelation from Ron on Feb 6, 2010, which is half-a-reduced-time from Trumpets of 2009.

One time that hasn’t shortened has been the length of my quick death, now 280 days plus another 13 since Ron pronounced his death curse on me.

A Catch in the Rye

ballroomIn his latest feast sermon from Australia, False Prophet Ronald Weinland discussed his senior evangelist Johnny Harrell, how Johnny was a witness to history.  Johnny Harrell was actually in the audience on December 17, 1994 when “man of sin” and “son of perdition” Joe Tkach Sr. opened the first seal by upending Armstrongism in a sermon delivered in Atlanta.  This sermon was reprised a week later in the Christmas eve sermon delivered in Big Sandy and distributed in a video to other WCG congregations.  Johnny was in Toledo in February of 2000 when Ron took over the Church of God Inc from the lay church board.  Also according to a statement in this sermon, speaking of the Harrells:

“They went with us to Israel, they were there when we began our job.  And I feel very confident that they’re going to be there at the very to witness the end as well.”

In Weinland’s parlance “beginning their job” refers to the 1260 days during which they are to be the actual witnesses and prophesy.  The first time they “began their job” was on April 17, 2008.  But after the first timeline failed, the “beginning of their job” was rescheduled for December 14, 2008.

But in his sermon of December 13, 2008 delivered from Jerusalem just a few hours before the first trumpet reblew at sundown in Jerusalem, Ron stated that Johnny and Myrtle had left Brussels for Atlanta the prior Sunday while Ron and Laura flew to Cairo for a little sightseeing before continuing on to Jerusalem.  So what timeline is Ron on?  Did he really “begin his job” as a Witness on April 17, 2008 when Johnny and Myrtle were actually with him in Jerusalem, or was it on December 13 when they weren’t?  Ron, inquiring minds want to know.

Ron also broke his long prophecy drought.  He discussed the recent earthquakes in the South Pacific, and then continued:

“Things are getting shaken up out there.  Just a little bit of a beginning of some things that are starting to take place, right now. I thought I’d pass that along to you, because they’re not small things that are happening and are going to increase mightily as we go forward here in the next few weeks.”

I’m just curious as to how long “the next few weeks” are going to last.  Ron, will this be longer or shorter than my quick death from the inside that began with your curse on me issued on December 20th?

Fiftieth Truth Plus

In ten days it will be the Last Great Day on which Ronald Weinland has promised to unveil his new truth which won’t be a separate truth but an addition to the 50th “Truth”.  During June of last year, I unveiled Ron’s 50th untruth the same day he announced there was one but the members would have to wait until the Feast of Trumpets for the revelation, after which he officially announced it 3 months ahead of schedule.

I feel somewhat challenged to repeat my earlier performance.  However this time Ron has been unusually close-mouthed and his chief evangelist Johnny hasn’t let slip any clues either.

I’m going to throw out a speculation for the 50th untruth add-on. While those who were members of WCG when the first seal opened on December 17, 1994 and who were also COG-PKG members on the Feast of Trumpets 2008 were sealed, the other members are only promised “the opportunity to live on into a new age” (untruth #45).

My speculation is that those not eligible for the sealing but who are members as of a certain date will have special status as they “live on into the new era”, perhaps evangelists and elders in PKG or civil governors in the millennium.   Possible dates for this speculated cut-off date are:

  • Feast of Trumpets of 2009 {the 40th sabbath on which Ron was too sick to preach}
  • when the 2nd trumpet blows (“nukular” explosions),
  • or when the 5th trumpet blows (Germany conquers the US).

I suspect that there are many others who like recently exited member “Xer” are questioning all the failures and contradictions and Weinland needs to do something to keep the hook baited or his church will shrink back to the ex-WCG core who were members in 2007.

But this is only speculation.  I’m interested in any other ideas or opinions, which you may share as a comment.