An Open Letter to Johnny Harrell

The following was left as a comment by Once An Elder.  Reposting it here for higher visibility.

—— An Open Letter to Johnny Harrell ——————–

Johnny, I know you and you know me. I am writing this letter to you out of friendship and not out of bitterness.

I left pkg approximately two years ago and have no regrets what so ever regarding leaving. It was I that disfellowshipped the Weinlands out of my life and not the other way around. I have not disfellowshipped the members out of my life and that is the truth of the matter. I pray daily for their eyes to be opened and for their understanding to see and understand the lie that is before them, as well as you, and that lie is Weinland.

I know you personally Johnny and I am attempting to understand why you are supporting Wienland and all the falsehoods that he represents. I know you better than you realize. This is not you to be that devoted to Weinland. I know you understand what has written in the Bible to be the absolute Word of God, but yet, you have now chosen to allow a wayward false minister to misled you into believing that this person is authorized to change God’s Written Word as he see fit. This is not you Johnny!

I still value our friendship and would welcome speaking with you again, understanding, that I will have absolutely nothing to do with the Weinlands. As I have stated, I still value our friendship. I understand, in your eyes, to have a restored relationship with me would violate the dictates of Weinland and would have a consequence. In my eyes, that would be a blessing for you.

Johnny, I pray that soon you and the others will finally realize what God is saying in Deut 18:22 concerning Weinland. It bears record of itself.

In closing, I pray daily for you and others to have God open your eyes and understanding to finally see Weinland for what he is. A false prophet. It is not me saying this, it is coming from God’s own words (Deut 18:22)

A friend not an enemy


50 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Johnny Harrell

  1. Ronald Weinland was scared away by a COMEDIAN at the Idea City venue.

    How can anybody think this guy has the backbone to deal with the leaders and nations of this world????

    It’s laughable.


  2. If it were possible, Johnny Harrell would be deceived till the end of time. He will never learn.

    The only way he would learn is the hard, hard, hard way. It will involve weeping on his part.

    It’s unfortunate but true. If you can’t tell Ron is a false prophet, and the proof is iron clad, then these people are without hope.

    It’s not like a honest man who is striving for the truth but is wrong, no, Ron is not in that camp, Ron is outright false, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


  3. Johnny Harrell plays a major part in the delusion of Ron’s group. He was in the crowd when Joe Tkach announced many changes in the WWCOG . Johnny believes as Ron does that they are chosen to proclaim this as the foretold apostasy that would take place before the return of Jesus Christ . It is not and they are not . They are both False Prophets And will die in this delusion because the record shows they will not repent. I do not doubt that many people in the worldwide church may have had or have a calling from God , but once a leader starts to proclaim a physical organization as God’s one and only true church they have gone astray . This happened long before 1994 , this happened with HWA , he broke up many families with his false doctrine and the bad fruit that has come from him continues to do the same today. Just like the wicked kings in Israel did not do what was right in God’s eyes , many ministers are exactly the same . Self appointed Apostles and prophets raise themselves up in deception and take many people along with them . God’s church is made up of the people who keep his commandments . No man knows the heart of another man , only God knows the heart. It is not for man to rule over another , man is to be led by the holy spirit which God gives to those that obey him. Johnny is just as guilty as Ron . Wayne Matthews is also stuck in this pit and cannot seem to get out , even though the word of God condemns Ronald as a False Prophet , the word of Ron also and let’s not forget the paycheck .
    Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.


  4. Over at Banned!, there is a picture of the Weinlands (where do they get those wonderful pictures?) labelled, “The boozy witnesses”.

    No one has spoken to the Weinlands’ love of alcohol here that I have seen. Can anyone tell me about their drinking habits?

    And for that matter, could they be good “drinking buddies” with Johnny Harrell?

    In other sects of the cult, there does seem to be a strong affinity for boozing.


    1. Banned got that picture from my blogspot site It was taken at a Starbucks, I’m going to assume that it was coffee and not booze in those cups.

      I understand that Ron and Laura fancy themselves to be wine collectors, but don’t have anything that indicates they are hard drinkers. Although I have heard that there are some hard drinkers in PKG.


    1. I’m not too sure that Johnny is collecting a paycheck. As I recall, he paid his own way to Switzerland to help Ron set up the bank account there.

      Flavor Aid is powerfully intoxicating.


  5. Whether the Weinlands drink alcohol or not, they are still intoxicated. Delusion is every bit as potent an intoxicant as any booze or street pharmaceutical. And, since the Weinlands are false prophets, it is altogether appropriate to recommend to them that they do certain things for their eating and sexual displeasure. God is most certainly going to command something far worse for them!



  6. Isn’t that something ?! People who read the bible and believe the words of Jesus Christ over Ronald Weinland are considered Antichrist in his church . Ron has raised himself up over the word of Jesus . He has made himself God and the people in his filthy dirty group worship him , because they take his word over God , they believe Ron over what God says in the bible . In Ron’s perverted mind the bible does not even apply any more , because he is the Apostle to bring new awesome truth . Ron by his action , by his works shows himself to be God by superseding God’s word , AMAZING !
    A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. A full Abomination setting himself up over God , in the place of Jesus Christ . Sick sick sick , crazy crazy crazy ! Quite Insane


  7. In his current sermon series, entitled without a trace of irony “The Virtue of Truth”, Ron is going through God’s Truths.

    I’m looking forward to him getting to number 36, which flatly contradicts what he currently says about the seven plagues happening over the last 50 days.


  8. Ron’s numerology (which is a form of divination, which is basically witchcraft), that gave rise to this 50 extra days padding the back end of the tribulation, has been shown to be just plain wrong, the counting is incorrect. The whole idea has no foundation from the bible. All of it is made up in Ronald Weinland’s confused mind. The Great Tribulation is 5 months over due, nothing has happened. There is no False Prophet here (yet), no united 10 nations in Europe. Ron is not breathing fire, nor calling for droughts, nor turning rivers to blood. Ron is a prophet with zero fulfilled prophecies and worse, there are anti-fulfillments of prophecy where the opposite happens.

    Ron is false, he will loose more members as time goes by.


  9. Plimsol:

    Loser weinland will make the changes as he goes along. The problem is this loser will have to rewrite everything all over again because 2019 is in failure mode!


  10. “… that lie is Weinland … to change God’s Written Word as he see fit … have absolutely nothing to do with the Weinlands … see Weinland for what he is, A false prophet … violate the dictates of Weinland … Deut 18:22 …” Once an Elder

    Hummmmmmm, it seems that Once an Elder has pegged this loser weinland pretty well!!!!

    I get the impression that Once an Elder does not like this loser weinland at all!!! I am not sure why Once an Elder is forgiving towards Harrell?? But, I can respect the forgiving nature and outreach. This is something loser weinland is totally incapable of!!

    Hey! Loser weinland! Where are you!!?? Aren’t you supposed to be walking the streets in sackcloth claiming the end of the world!!?? A good place to start would be the streets of Chicago!!!!! Those gangs would get a real big kick out of you!!


  11. Enough is Enough

    Yes I know.

    His whole theology is founded upon his claim that there was an apostasy when Tkach changed God’s truths.

    But he does it all the time.


  12. “His whole theology is founded upon his claim that there was an apostasy when Tkach changed God’s truths.”

    The irony is that Ronald Weinland went and did 10 times worse than Tkach and changed EVERYTHING.

    I was flabbergasted when I heard some of the PKGer’s that testified at the trial and said that Ron continues to teach what the WWCoG taught. These people must be asleep at the wheel, because Ron pretty much changed all the doctrines.

    If Joe Tkach Sr was an anti-christ for doing this, what does that make Ron? It makes him a super anti christ.


  13. This loser weinland is the total sum of hypocrisy!!!

    Hey johnny, do yourself a favor and join the human race once again and dump that lying thief loser weinalnd!!

    BTW, I wonder if loser weinland name will show up in the panama leak about hiding wealth!? Wouldn’t that be a game changer!!


  14. Its a known fact Johnny’s sermons are a natural sleep aid the bobbing heads are always funny!! Ain’t no saving him, he is deeply involved and is unfortunately a accomplice to crimes against God. How many heart attacks has Ron had? He is way over his head the whole Sinistry is.


  15. “Weinland is posting his book on Facebook. If the likes are any indication.. at 107 here isn’t much of a following left”

    The 107 likes have been there for awhile now. Nobody is really interested in loser weinland’s garbage!


  16. Has anyone seen a short bald headed man in sackcloth with a placard on the streets with a mute female partner in sackcloth stating they are the chosen ones!? I haven’t seen anything on the news channels.

    Hummmmmm, what has happened to loser weinland and the mute one!?


  17. Funny you said that EIE
    I saw him at the carnival breathing fire and roasting hotdog and his bitch was making it rain !!! Lol they are a big joke just keep sending money pkg the need it new BMW’s and Dimounds and $1700 suits !!!!!!


  18. I have some news. I was told that a member of pkg was unable to defend loser weinland.

    Apparently it was a conversation between three people when the subject of the “end of the world” came up unexpectedly. The question was asked of the pkger asking, “didn’t you say the world was going to end”? The pkger started to go into an explanation when the third party interrupted and asked, “isn’t weinland your leader”? And proceeded to go into the tax evasion conviction and the failure of Christ’s return in 2012 and 2013.

    To make a long story short, the pkger could NOT defend loser weinland and decided to not pursue any further discussion on the subject.

    This has been my point all along! Loser weinalnd has a history of lying and multiple failed predictions!!! It is impossible to defend a known tax cheat and a liar with provable failed predictions on Christ’s return!!!! Loser weinland will not be able to defend his lies and failed predictions in a public forum. This loser knows this and is attempting to influence through a new book that is absolute garbage!

    Hey loser weinland! Do you really have the guts to go public!!?? Do you have the guts to face the real truth of what you are, a liar and a convicted tax cheat!!??


    1. “To make a long story short, the pkger could NOT defend loser weinland and decided to not pursue any further discussion on the subject. ”

      You didn’t say, but I expect that the PKGer is still following Weinland. That Flavor Aid is powerfully intoxicating.


  19. Hey loser weinland!! Your deceived followers await your public appearance to vindicate them!!! Your critics also await your appearance to challenge you on ALL of your lies and failed predictions on Christ’s return to earth!!!!!!


  20. Good question, I was not informed on the final outcome concerning the pkger, only that, the discussion was ended by the pkger.

    I am of the opinion that the more they (pkg) try to defend this loser weinland that reality will eventually set in and they will realize that it is they (pkg) that are being misled and lied to by this liar loser weinalnd.


  21. Hey loser weinland! Prove to your followers and your critics that you are the real deal!! Got the guts to do it loser!!??


  22. One of the “problems” is that Ron teaches *some* truth.

    Not a lot, basically the Sabbath and the Holy Days. So Ron hooks members in with this, and then the members assume that Ron is correct in other areas, namely prophecy.

    To facilitate dealing with errors, Ron has this “present truth” doctrine, which is so mind numbingly stupid that can’t believe anybody would even consider it. So that any new “truth” trumps any older truth (that was proven to be a lie). How could anybody accept this horse****?????? On that basis nothing in the bible could be held true. Truth is immutable, not this sewage that Ron is putting out.

    No, those that stay have a sad day coming… will be their own fault. The proofs are overwhelming.

    Ronald Weinland is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he’s fleecing a lot of PKGers


  23. I do make a distinction between people that are sincere, but are sincerely wrong, who are trying to find the truth.

    Harold Camping for example, yes, he got it wrong, if you read his explanations they are just as bad as Ron’s, but Harold was sincerely seeking truth and trying to explain, although as I said, if you read his explanation for 2012 being the end of time, you would gasp at the illogical nonsense he put out.

    But while horribly wrong, I don’t put him in the same camp as Ronald Weinland, who knows 100% that he himself is false.


  24. HWA taught that in order for God to reveal prophecy to a group, or teachers, the prerequisite would be that they kept certain elements of the Sinai covenant, such as the sabbath, holy days, clean meats, and tithing. That was the key. According to this school of thought, it was an error to listen to others, because “they don’t even keep the sabbath!”

    We now have an accumulation of experience with the practical application of this line of thinking, one that stretches back over decades. Armstrongism has no better track record with prophecy than any other religious school of thought. In fact, you could argue that since they stuck their necks out, and made so many proclamations, Armstrongite teachers collectively have the worst track record in teaching and dealing with prophecy Virtually nothing they say has come to pass, although they continually attempt to fan the embers and to search for flames.



  25. Hey loser weinland!

    It looks like no one is interested your confused backwoods writings. I’m certainly not and apparently the 63,000 aren’t either!!

    Where are you loser weinland!? Things getting difficult to manage in your soon to be debunked organization?


  26. Where is the public awareness? You should fire your publicist, he stinks. He’s not getting the job done.

    How can the whole world hate you (per bible prophecy)? You are a flea, a gnat, nobody knows you. Those that do, know you are a thief and a liar, and have served jail time for tax fraud.


  27. Ronald Weinland, I know YOU KNOW that you’re a false prophet. How is it possible not to? You have ZERO prophecy fulfillment of any kind.

    You have not fulfilled any prophecy. Nor has any prophecy you’ve spoken been fulfilled.

    You stole the title of prophet for yourself, spoke prophecies in that office, none came true.


  28. You know, it amazes me how this loser weinland just decides to change things and the members just swallow it up!! This is why loser weinland has confidence to just lie lie lie!!

    Plimsol ~ how did he change it? I won’t dirty my fingertips to go to this loser’s putrid site.


  29. Ron simply re-labeled ‘lies’ as the ‘present truth’. I’m amazed nobody batted an eye.

    Black is white, white is black, because Ron said so.

    This guy is in for a whole lot of hurt when God decides to deal with these false prophets.

    The weakling can’t deal with one tiny little web site and he’s supposed to be correcting the world???

    hahahahhahahahahha…….it’s funnier than an SNL skit.


  30. EIE

    Well, he’s just changed it. The 57 Truths are available on the “Publications” section of the PKG website. Truth 36 is now different from what it said yesterday. (It used to say that the Day of the Lord was one single day. That was changed some time ago to say that Christ would return on the last day of the second prophetic Day of the Lord, which was a year in length, and on that “one single day” that Christ returned on various things would happen, including the pouring out of the seven plagues. That contradicts his current line, that the seven plagues are poured out during a new “Prophetic Day”, which is the last 50 days before Christ’s return. So he’s now changed it again).

    I would be tempted to think that he’s changed it now because he’s got up to Truth 34 in his current sermon series “The Virtue of Truth”, and it would otherwise be a bit embarrassing when he got to 36. But I understand from something Mike has said previously that the sermons are posted on the website e week after they are actually delivered, so perhaps that isn’t right.

    He still has various problems with the so-called Truths. Truth 50, for example, says that God has not yet revealed when the second Day of the Lord is, but Truth 47 (I think it is from memory) gives Pentecost 2019 as the date of Christ’s return. There are various other references to the old “two Days of the Lord” nonsense, which Ron now seems to be pretending somehow never happened.

    By the way, when Ron first “proclaimed” Pentecost 2019 as the date for Christ’s return, he made it very clear it was not a prophecy, but something he had deduced as God’s Apostle. We could see why he might want to say that. But the date has now appeared in God’s Truths, which means God must have confirmed it. After all, God’s Truths can’t just be things which Ron thinks are probably right. But Ron has never mentioned that God has now confirmed that what he had worked out was correct. You’d think that would be a huge issue.

    I know that nowadays most people who post on this site are ex COG, or ex PKG (which is fine, excellent in fact), and that such people prefer Biblical proofs that Ron is a false prophet. Most atheists/agnostics have been scared off. But for such people, like me, using Biblical proofs is meaningless. To think that Deut 18:22 invalidates Ron you have to believe in an Old Testament God, who appoints prophets, which I don’t. But for me the internal contradictions in what is saying are powerful evidence that Ron is false AND that he knows full well he is.

    Just my two pennyworth


  31. Why would you believe Deut 18:22 is invalid in NT theology??

    Certainly OT prophets were appointed and commissioned by God. In Rev. 11, the Two Witnesses are called “my two witnesses”, and that they will prophesy, thus they are two prophets appointed by God. Why would you have a problem with that?

    Certainly you wouldn’t want (I certainly don’t) two witnesses who appointed themselves. That is not the bible pattern.


  32. Plimsol,

    Good points and I respect your method of logic. It makes sense to me.

    Loser weinland entraps himself with all of the contradictory statements and the constant changing of what are to be absolute “unchangeable” truths.


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